[OzzModz] Auto-Capitalize Thread Titles (English Language) (vB4) (vB3.8) (vB3.7) (vB3.6)

vBulletin [OzzModz] Auto-Capitalize Thread Titles (English Language) (vB4) (vB3.8) (vB3.7) (vB3.6) v1.0.1

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Another mod brought to you by,

This mod will auto-capitalize the first letter of each word in thread titles.

It is a simple installation just import the product XML, ozzmodz_auto_capital

You can edit the options under the settings, [OzzModz] Auto-Capitalize Thread Titles.

Complete Feature List

  • Option to disable the mod completely.
  • Setting to enter words to not capitalize.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Q. Why do I need such a thing, you ask?

A. Some admins might like to have the words in thread titles capitalized.

Q. Does this work on all languages?

A. No, this only works on English characters.


* History (Changelog) *
v1.0.0 (March 18, 2015)
- Initial public release.

v1.0.1 (March 24, 2015)
- Fixed a issue with a space in the words to not capitalize setting.

auto capital 1.png