vBulletin 4.x Newsletter 1.3.1

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  1. Version Details
    1. Fixed a bug to work with PHP 7
    2. Fixed a bug in counter for emails that sent. This is valid for active (and new) Newsletters and not for Newselleters that already Archived.
    3. Added a new setting at Mail Server Options where you can turn off sending PM to member if the email came back with Mail Delivery Error. Default is On (Send PM).
    4. Added a new setting at Newsletter Options where you can select from which usergroups to build the list of Top Posters. Default is 2 (Register Users) but you can add more usergroup ids separating them by comma (no space). Just keep in mind that due to their position Administrators and Moderators are always having big amount of posts, so is better to avoid including them and let space for Normal Members.
    5. Prepare Emails and Send Emails are now in one cronjob which executes every 10 minutes (but you can change it according to your needs).
  2. Upgrade
    1. Download ver. 1.3.1
    2. Upload ALL files to your forum installation
    3. Import product-newsletter.xml
    4. If you want to modify settings 3 &4 above, do it now.
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