vBulletin 4.x Newsletter 1.3.1

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1.- What's this?

With this AddOn you can sends Newsletters to your Members, informing then for the latest activity in your forums.

2.- Features
  • Custom Header/Footer
  • CSS file to change the look and feel of the newsletter
  • Add a Custom Greeting
  • Mark a Post as Important to include the full text of this post in the Newsletter
  • Latest News/Announcements
  • Latest Sticky Threads
  • Latest Popular Threads (most replies)
  • Latest Threads
  • Include a sidebar
    • Member Info (even with the amount of the unread emails
    • Special Member (Give a userid to promote a user)
    • Top Members
    • New Members

  • Schedule One-time Newsletters
  • Schedule Reccurings Newsletters
  • Preview Newsletter (Test email)
  • Add Advertisments to Newsletters
  • Exclude Advertisments from specific Usergroup(s)
  • Bounces Emails
  • Blacklist Emails
  • Relay Emails (Send a message even from your mobile)
  • Newsletter Archives
  • Send Emails using Mail() function
  • Send Emails using Sendmail
  • Send Emails using SMTP
3.- Installation
  • Upload all files from the upload folder to your vB directory
  • Import product-newsletter.xm
  • Set the General Settings
  • Set the Mailserver settings
  • Set Newsletter Options
  • Schedule a Newsletter and test it.
4.- Important Notes
  1. You need to set a dedicated email address for bounce emails (from email) which you'll never access with any mail client. Doing it, you'll download the emails, and thus, they'll never preceed from the system.
  2. Most cheap GoDaddy hosting plans are not having the Mail() function enabled. If this you, sorry but this mod will not works in your site.

5.- Copyright Link

No Copyright link in page footer but this does not means that you're getting any rights on the code.
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  1. Newsletter ver. 1.3.1

    Version Details Fixed a bug to work with PHP 7 Fixed a bug in counter for emails that sent...

Latest reviews

This is the best vBulletin Newsletter mod anywhere. Chris has done amazing job with it. I love the ability to customize it so that it looks like my own site, CSS styling is very easy to tweak/adjust, and with the ability to add html advertisements, you can pretty much customize any way that you desire. This is a beautiful newsletter mod. Awesome work!