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1.- What it does?

Unlike other point system here the mod does NOT adds points or awards to users according to their activity in forums, but instead, it helps webmasters to SELL CREDITS to users (PayPal IPN is supporting). Then what the users will do with these credits is up to you. You can sell access to your site or anything else. Please note that this is a BACKEND ONLY system which takes cares only for promoting and selling credit packages.

2.- Installation
  1. Open file myaccount/paypallog.txt and edit line 9 adding the full path to this file.
  2. Upload all files from upload folder to the folder where your vBulletin 4.2 is installed
  3. CMOD 666 the file myaccount/paypallog.txt
  4. Login to your admincp and import the file product-myaccount.xml
  5. Set Usergroup permissions
  6. Set General Options according to your needs
  7. If you want modify PM templates but don't touch anything between {}
3.- Requiremenets
  1. Installed and fully operating vBulletin
  2. vBulletin version 4.2 (minimum)
  3. Does NOT works with vBulletin 5 Connect
4.- AddOn Modules

I wrote this AddOn mostly for my own use. That's why I'll release AddOns using the Credit System:
  1. Market: For Selling Downloadable products and/or Services
  2. Community: For selling forum posts, blog posts etc
  3. HelpDesk: For selling support tickets
  4. Questions: This is my Yahoo Answers addon which will heavily modified not only to support posts with credits but also to support user account crediting if the winner is a user.
5.- For Developers

In case that you want to use "My Account":
  1. The variable that holds the available credits is: $vbulletin->userinfo["myaccount_balance"];
  2. If you want to update the balance use the field myaccount_balance at user table
  3. If you want to update the history file then you must insert a record at the table: myaccount_user_balance, using the fields below:
`id` int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment
`userid` int(11) default '0'
`username` varchar(255) DEFAULT ''
`remarks` varchar(255) DEFAULT ''
`credits` decimal(10,0) default '0'
`price` decimal(10,2) default '0.00'
`invoiceid` int(10) default '0'  // Let it empty
`postdate` int(10) default '0'
`gateway` int(11) default '0' // Let it empty
`creditdebit` tinyint(1) default '1' // 1=Credit, 2=Debit
6.- Copyright Link

No Copyright link in page footer but this does not means that you're getting any rights on the code.
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