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XenForo Mood Manager Icons 2014-11-09

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Mood Manager Icon Pack

Summary 77 custom mood manager icons (white & Black matted). These will be the only background matte colours that will be released in (it takes far to long for me to save them out in specific colours) and they can't be saved in .png because many of the icons are animated which .png doesn't support so please refrain from requesting other coloured matted versions.

Note! If you have an idea on other mood icons feel free to suggest in this Thread. Suggestions are always taken on board and may make the add-on mood manager pack.

Related Releases: The mood manager icons Add-on Pack can be downloaded in this post.

Admin note: This two links above (to "thread" and "post" in bold) linked to a website that is no longer online. At the request of the OP I have removed these links since they no longer go anywhere useful. -- Brad

Read the Readme Txt file before uploading.

Update: Added "amazed.gif" mood in the pack. Re-download if you downloaded this pack prior to this update message.
Update: Added "blah.gif" mood in the pack and corrected some typos on the icons and in the text file. Download and re-upload the moods if you downloaded prior to this update message.

Conditions of use: This pack may be used on forums, websites but cannot be redistributed or repackaged in any way shape or form for any reason without prior consent of the author.
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