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Its a real Mailinglist manager and not a mod which sends predefinied content from your site. Full of features that you can only find in stand alone PHP scripts and maybe more.

1.- How it works
  • Out of the box the mod comes with a ready (not removeable) mailinglist "Members". With the help of a cronjob this list is autopopulating with your Members. If a user does not wants to get emails, he just need to click the unsubscribe link.
  • Administrator can add as many mailing lists he wants. With the help of a semi-auto generating form visitors (or members) can subscribe to one or more mailing lists. According to your settings, an auto email is going to subscriber to confirm this subscription.
  • With the help of a powerfull commercial HTML editor, admin writes messages and save them for furthure use. There is a choice to test the email by sending a copy to a preset email address.
  • At any time admin can setup a campaign. The only that he needs to do is to choose a mailinglist, the message and the time that this email will be send out to subscribers.
  • There is a superior feature where you can send a message to all your subscribers even from your mobile phone. The only that you need to do is to add at the end of the subject a presetup password, to avoid spam from hackers.
  • When an email returns undelivered, this email is adding to blacklist and nobody else can use this email address again. Of course admin can remove it from the blacklist in case that he wants to do it.

2.- Features
  • Real Mailinglist Manager and not premade template
  • Unlimited Mailinglists
  • Powerfull commercial HTML Editor for rich content messages
  • Semi-automated subscription form for your site
  • Your Members are auto subscribe to Members Mailinglist
  • Ability to turn off the unsubscribe link in the messages
  • You can check the message by sending it to your test email
  • You can setup a Campaign to run right now or in any time in the future.
  • Ability to split the emails to send, in parts, to avoid block of your mailserver.
  • You can manually enter multiple email addresses to your mailinglists
  • You can send a message to your subscribers even from your mobile
  • Bounce emails addresses are placing in the blacklist
  • You can require new subscribers to confirm their subscription.

3.- Installation
  • Download and unzip file
  • Upload all the files in your site keeping the same structure. eg cart.php must be on the same level as your forum.php
  • CMOD 777 the directories:
    • micronewsletter/editor/files
    • micronewsletter/editor/flash
    • micronewsletter/editor/media
    • micronewsletter/editor/photos
  • Open the file micronewsletter/editor/assetmanager/settings.php to change the paths to your own, otherwise uploading with editor will fail.
  • Login to your admincp and import product-microcart.xml
4.- Copyright Link

No Copyright link in page footer but this does not means that you're getting any rights on the code.
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