vBulletin 4.x EU GDPR 1.2.0

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If you want your vBulletin 4 forum to be compliant with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), this mod is a must for you.

When you activate it:
  1. Adds a new field in registration form where the user must selects one of the follow:
    1. I do Agree
    2. I do NOT Agree
    3. I am not EU Citizen or Resident
  2. For your current members, when they login and they haven't selected anything, they'll redirect to a special page where they can read your new Privacy Policy and choose one of the above options.
  3. Please note that if a member does not accepts the terms, anything that he'll try to do in your site, will redirects him to the terms. In simple words if someone does not accepts the terms he can do nothing.
  4. ver. 1.2.0 adds a set of templates to work with the Mobile style.
There is an option to turn it On or Off
There is a usergroup permission to allow editing of termd in frontend using vB Editor.

Todo List
  1. Add an option where you can set, instead redirection, to move users who do not accept the terms to a special usergroup (eg Banned).
  2. Send emails to your current users to come to your site and accept your new terms.
  3. Show in member page (admincp), date and time of accepting the terms, plus IP details (in most cases in addition to IP it shows city, country and ISP)
  4. Give the ability to the member to change his initial choice (Profile Settings) Added

If you want to test it goto:
BUT choose "I do not agree". You'll see that after registration, anything you want to do redirect it to a special page to accept the terms.

The above procedure is for new registrations. For current users the procedure is like this one at TAZ. See screenshot.
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    ver. 1.2.0 adds a set of new templates to work with your mobile style.
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