vBulletin 4.x Donations 1.0.0

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1.- Features
  1. Unlimited level of Goals (Categories). In my case it's useful as I want to have a goal for each of my mods, so I wanted to have 3 root categories for vB3, vB4, vB5 etc.
  2. Instant Payment Notification. You don't need anymore to manually mark donations as paid.
  3. Auto generates donation forms for:
    1. Forum Sidebar: Generates, Installs and Activates the form !!
    2. CMS Widget: Generates and Installs it. The only that you've to do is to add it on your Layout.
    3. On Screen: This is very useful as it shows the code on the screen where you can copy and paste it in any page (eg to create vBadvanced block). You can add this code even in pages out of your vB directory as it has the full url for submission.
  4. You can Manually add/edit/delete Donations
  5. There is a "My Donations" menu in UserCP
  6. Total donations (amount) appears at postbit.
2.- Installation
  1. Download and unpack the file
  2. Open with a text editor the file: donations_paypal.php and modify line 9 setting the full path (server path) to the file donations/paypallog.txt
  3. Save the file and upload all the files from upload/ folder to your vB installation.
  4. CMOD 666 the file donations/paypallog.txt (it writes only the errors).
  5. Login to AdminCp and set the Donations-> General Settings
  6. Give a look at PM and Page Options in case that you want to change the predefinied messages
  7. Add you Goals
  8. ....and last create your forms for Forum sidebar or CMS page
3.- Copyright Link

No Copyright link in page footer but this does not means that you're getting any rights on the code.
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