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1. Why we need a discussion mod?

Maybe sounds crazy to have a powerfull forum and to install this AddOn. But this is not true. I do agree that vB has tons of features for any type of discussions. But from the other point Yahoo Answers (and dozens of similars sites) became famous, because they offer a simple way to users to get replies. Short questions, with a couple of replies. Why to go in a complicated system for this? And why to add dozens of extra categories, subcategories etc etc, just for this? This is the reason that you need it.

2.- How it works?

Very simple, so easy to use by novice users too. A member is posting a question in any of your categories (unlimited level are supporting) and then is waiting other members to post a reply. Reads the replies, chooses the best and that's all. There is no need for discussion here.

3.- Installation
  1. Download, unzip and upload all files from the "upload" folder where your vb installation is (you can't install in different directory).
  2. Goto you admincp and import the product-discuss.xml
  3. That's all
4.- Configuration

Configuration is very easy and is like all other addons here. You need to follow the steps below, and soon you'll be ready:
  1. First of all goto Usergroup permissions and set what each usergroup can do or not do.
  2. Goto Discuss General setting, check the default values and change them if you want
  3. PM Templates. I believe that the predefinied text is ok for most of you. But if you want you can change them. Please don't touce the variables (anything inside {}). The available variables are:
    1. {questiontitle} : Title with link
    2. {questiontitle_nolink} : As above but without link
    3. {category} : Category name with link
    4. {category_nolink} : Category without link
    5. {questionowner} : The author's username with link
    6. {questionowner_nolink} : As above, no link
    7. {description} : 200 chars from the question body
    8. {username} : This is the "To:" value. eg Dear {username},
    9. {postdate_short} : Post date in format that you've set as long dates
    10. {postdate_long} : Same as above in long date format
    11. {signature} : Anything that you've set in your settings
  4. Last step is to set your categories.
5.- Copyright Link

No Copyright link in page footer but this does not means that you're getting any rights on the code.
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