vBulletin 4.x Dating 2.1.0

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1.- How it works

According to his usergroup permissions, a user can post a profile and add photos to it to get more attention from other members.
From the main page or from his special area, the user search for other members meeting his criteria. When he finds someone that he likes, is sending her a message, or add the profile on his favorites profiles.
From his area, among others, its easy to visual follow all his connections.

2.- Frontend Features
  • Attractive interface
  • Searh by:
    • Gender
    • Age range (min-max)
    • Location
    • Profiles with photos
    • Profiles with videos
    • Nickname
    • ...or use any presaved search
    • ...or see just the newest profiles
  • Information Blocks:
    • Newest Profiles
    • Random Profiles

3.- UserCP Features
  • Who has viewed me (How many times, Last time)
  • Who has added me in his favorite list
  • My Favorites list
  • My Saved Searches
  • My Photo Gallery
  • My Connections
    • Started by me
    • Started by them
  • Ability to Hide/Activate the profile
  • Very detailed profile view splited in 6 tabs

4.- Profile Page
  • Overview
  • Photo Gallery
  • Videos
  • Send Email
  • Tell a Friend
  • Report profile
  • Match counter. Shows the compatibility percentage in 14 fields !!
  • Similar profiles in the right side
  • Bookmark profile
  • Rate profile

5.- Moderator actions
  • Approve profiles
  • Approve photos
  • Approve or Reject reported profiles
  • 20 tables to setup (eg Relation type, Religion, Ethnicity etc).

6.- Administrator Features
  • Unlimited level Gender categories
  • Unlimited level Locations
  • Profile Extra fields
    • Text
    • Radio Button
    • Checkboxes
    • Droplist
    • Textarea
  • Can turn On/Off 20 of the fields showing in the profile page. This way you can change the feel and look, to any type of dating.
  • Other common settings.

7.- Usergroup Permissions
  • Can access the Dating section
  • Can post profile
  • Can contact members
  • Does his profile and/or photos need approval
  • Maximum amount of photos to upload
  • Can Moderate

8.- Installation
  1. Upload all files to your site keeping the same structure.
  2. CMOD 777 directories:
    1. microdating/photos
    2. microdating/photos/thumbs
    3. microdating/photos/tmp
  3. Imprort product-microdating.xml from your admincp
  4. Setup Usergroup permissions
  5. Setup General Options

ATTENTION: In the directory do_not_upload there is a file datatables.sql. This is to help you save time by adding the most common data eg Ethinicity, Religion, Marital status etc etc. To use it you must:

  1. Open it with a text editor like notepad
  2. Make a global search and replace of vb4_ with your own table prefix
  3. Import it using phpMyAdmin.

9.- Copyright Link

No Copyright link in page footer but this does not means that you're getting any rights on the code.
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