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1.- How it works
  • Depending on his usergroup permissions a user can post a discount coupon for a product or service. He can set the discount percentage which appears in a nice way in the frontend to attract members.
  • Members of your site (having permissions to order) can browse per category, or search in many ways (eg location), to find out the best offer.
  • After clicking "Get Coupon", they'll get a confirmation PM, plus the seller's contact details, to obtain the product in discounted price.
  • Simple ....but works fine.
2.- Features
  • Unlimited depth of categories
  • Unique and very nice interface
  • Use realtime countdown for coupon expiration
  • Has PM templates for:
    • PM user when admin approves the coupon
    • PM user when admin rejects the coupon
    • PM buyer a confirmation message with seller's contact details
    • PM seller when a user places an order
    • PM seller when a coupon goed out of stock
    • PM seller when a coupon expires
    • PM Buyer who won, on the Auction's expiration
    • PM Seller with Buyer's details on the Auction's expiration
  • Supports 5 statuses:
    • Open
    • Hidden
    • Expired
    • Out of stock
  • There are listings for:
    • Category coupons
    • Timeframe (What's New) coupons
    • Search Results
3.- Usergroup Permissions
  • Can Access the Coupons section (See the Tab menu, see listings).
  • Can Post a Coupon
  • Can Order a Coupon
  • Coupon posts needs or not approval. For trusted usergroups set it to No
  • Maximum amount of concurrent (active) coupons
4.- Installation
  1. Download and unzip the file
  2. Upload the content of upload folder to the directory where your vB installation is. As a check: coupons.php must be on the same directory as global.php, forum.php etc. This Mod os not working out of vB installation directory.
  3. CMOD 777 the directories:
    1. christeris/coupons/photos
    2. christeris/coupons/photos/thumbs
  4. Goto Admincp and import product-coupons.xml. Double check before if you have another product with the same name.
  5. Set the various settings in Coupons->General settings
  6. Set usergroup permissions
  7. Check and modify if you want PM templates.
  8. Set categories
5.- SEO URLs
  • If you're using vbSeo open the file Coupons_vBSEO_Custom_Rewrite_Rules.txt and add them to your vbSeo installation.
  • If you're using .htaccasse file copy the contents of htaccess.txt and add it to your current .htaccess files. If you don't have such file and your server is compatible with such files, upload htaccess.txt to your vB directory and rename it to: .htaccess
6.- Copyright Link

No Copyright link in page footer but this does not means that you're getting any rights on the code.
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