vBulletin 4.x Auctions 1.2.0

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1.- Features
  • Supports unlimited categories
  • Supports Extra fields (but not searchable)
  • Use realtime countdown for Auction expiration
  • Has PM templates for:
    • PM user when admin approves his Auction
    • PM user when admin rejects Auction
    • PM seller when a user places a Bid
    • PM seller when a user clicks Buy it
    • PM seller when a use uses the contact form
    • PM Buyer who won, on the Auction's expiration
    • PM Seller with Buyer's details on the Auction's expiration
  • Supports 5 statuses:
    • Open
    • Hidden
    • Reserved
    • Expired
    • Sold
    • Please note that unlike my old mod, here nothing is automatic. The seller has to take care to switch between statuses.
  • There are listings for:
    • Category Auctions
    • Timeframe (What's New) Auctions
    • Seller Auctions
    • Search Results
  • In view Ad page the visitor can see also:
    • Other Auctions from the same seller
    • Similar Auctions from the same category
  • In all pages there are available the follow blocks having the appearance of widgets:
    • Category Menu
    • Search Form
    • Statistics
    • Latest Auctions
    • Popular Auctions (Most Bids)
    • Soon to expire Auctions.
    • Facebook Like Advanced (Shows users who liked the Auction)
    • RSS Feeds of 10 next to expire Auctions
    • Description in Extra Fields to help user understand what they need to add on those fields.
2.- Usergroup Permissions
  • Can Access the Auctions section (See the Tab menu, see listings, see Auction details).
  • Can Post an Auction
  • Can Bid in Auctions (alse works as can Buy, can Contact Seller)
  • Auctions posts needs or not approval. For trusted usergroups set it to No
  • Maximum amount of concurrent (active) Auctions
  • Photos per Auction
3.- How you can make (a bit) money with it.

Using vBulletin's Subscriptions Manager you can set subscription which will upgrade the subscribers to a higher usergroup with more privilenges in SL Auctions. eg:
  • To restrict post in specific categories. The system works such a way that for each category you can set who can post:
    • All usergroups
    • None usergroup
    • Specific usergroup(s).
  • To allow more days for postings. eg usergroup A can set a maximum of 15 days before the Auction will remove from the system, while usergroup B can set the Ad's duration for 45 days etc.
  • Concurrent Auctions. eg Register users can have only 1 active auction, while your VIP usergroup can has 5 ..or 10 ... or whatever you want.
  • More photos per Auction
4.- Installation
  1. Download and unzip the file
  2. Upload the content of upload folder to the directory where your vB installation is. As a check: auctions.php must be on the same directoru as global.php, forum.php etc. SL Auctions are not working out of vB installation directory.
  3. CMOD 777 the directories:
    1. christeris/auctions/photos
    2. christeris/auctions/photos/thumbs
    3. christeris/auctions/photos/tmp
  4. Goto Admincp and import product-auctions.xml. Double check before if you have another product with the same name.
  5. Set the various settings in Auctions->General settings
  6. Set usergroup permissions
  7. Check and modify if you want PM templates.
  8. Set categories
  9. Set Extra fields (in case that you want them).
5.- SEO URLs
  • If you're using vbSeo open the file Auctions_vBSEO_Custom_Rewrite_Rules.txt and add them to your vbSeo installation.
  • If you're using .htaccasse file copy the contents of htaccess.txt and add it to your current .htaccess files. If you don't have such file and your server is compatible with such files, upload htaccess.txt to your vB directory and rename it to: .htaccess
6.- Copyright Link

No Copyright link in page footer but this does not means that you're getting any rights on the code.
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