The following top ten forum promotion tactics of 2016 will assist you in promoting your online message forum community. I have created these top ten forum promotion tactics based on my own success and experience with using them. It is 2016, a new year, a new year to promote your forum and I feel that the following top ten forum promotion tactics will help you better promote your message forum in this new and modern age that we do forum administration in. Aside from what is listed in these top ten forum promotion tactics, there are other tactics out there as well, some work-some don’t always work, you just need to explore them and experiment. I hope you enjoy my top ten forum promotion tactics and I encourage you to comment on this post with more forum promotion tactics that you have experienced success in using for your own forum.

#1 – Top Ten Forum Promotion Tactics – Social Media Optimization
Social media is my number one topic to discuss concerning my top ten forum promotion tactics. This is because I have experimented enough with social media to truly realize how valuable the most popular social media websites are for my forums. The best piece of advice that I can give you is to try them ALL out for a test drive. Find the one or two social media websites that provide you the most positive results and stick with them while ditching the rest. For me, Twitter is number 1 and Facebook comes in at second place. My biggest tactics in using these social networks for promoting my forum is posting exclusive and unique content on the social profiles, starting another community on its own on the social channel and focusing on viral marketing methods. Treat your social media environments as their own community and you will surely start converting social fans into forum members very easily.

#2 – Top Ten Forum Promotion Tactics – Search Engine Optimization
Some say forum SEO is a myth but some people are also too lazy to experience the success with forum SEO tactics. Not all SEO tactics are going to work on a forum especially since members are likely not going to post using SEO standards on your forum. And you should never attempt to force them to do so or try to modify their content to meet SEO standards, either, that will only drive a member away from your forum. Instead, you should focus the forum’s SEO efforts on your own behalf. Focus on creating unique content that is popular but not found on other message forums or websites on the internet. Every topic has unlimited unique sub-topics, you just need to figure out what they are by really researching them. Forget out back links too, let that become natural – make awesome content that is worth sharing and your members will take care of the back links for you.

#3 – Top Ten Forum Promotion Tactics – Blogging
Even though I said forget about back links in the above tactic, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t link to your forum altogether. Blogging provides an excellent way to link to your message forum. Either start a blog based on the niche and periodically mention a topic or two on your blog posts or become a guest blogger and mention your forum and its topics within the guest blog article you are publishing or do both, both can be better for you and your forum. Just don’t really see these links as back links, see them as further contributions to the awesome articles that you plan to write. Yes, you need to write well-crafted awesome articles that people will actually enjoy reading through.

#4 – Top Ten Forum Promotion Tactics – Forum Events
Create an event on your forum to help boost your community promotion strategies. The event can be for anything, really. You might make a contest to gain more members or promote more activities. You might make an unofficial holiday for your niche and host it every year on the same date for your community. You might even celebrate some special event concerning your message forum. Recently, one of my forums went into its fourth year anniversary and I created a week-long event with multiple contests, new content and new feature released in an attempt to market the event to get more members. After utilizing social media and encouraging members to share the event details, over a hundred members ended up joining the forum. Forum events will work wonders but they need to be thoroughly planned and coordinated by your staff team in order for them to truly be successful and show their full potential.

#5 – Top Ten Forum Promotion Tactics – Sharable Content
If you really want to promote your message forum effectively, then you need to create the kind of content that is sharable. This means that your members and visitors will share your forum content be it through email, on other forums, social media, blog posts or whatever method they choose to use. You can encourage your members to share your forum posts all day and all night but in the end, if the posts are not worth sharing, they are probably not going to make the effort of sharing the posts to begin with. However, if your content is elegant and awesome enough for the liking of the member, there will be much better chance that the member will share your content with others. Word of mouth is powerful but only if you can master the tactics that lead to its power!

#6 – Top Ten Forum Promotion Tactics – Interviews

If you run a niche-based forum and the chances are, you do run a forum based on a specific topic – you can take advantage of interviewing as a way to promote the forum. Hear me out here… Experts in your niche love attention because that will further enhance others in realizing they are an expert of the niche. If you can somehow win over these experts and successfully interview them on your forum, it can boost traffic because people are always searching for articles about the expert and the expert will likely link to the interview to share to their fans. Their fans will effectively most likely join your message forum in the process. The interview can be conducted by email and you should keep it short but sweet to further encourage the expert to take part in it. If the questions are boring or average questions they usually get asked in other interviews, don’t expect a positive result from them.

#7 – Top Ten Forum Promotion Tactics – Resources
Offer resources to registered members and encourage guest of the forum to join to gain instant access to the resources that you are offering to registered members. As far as what kind of resources to offer, this is up to you. Resources could be anything from extensive guides to eBooks, applications to full software versions, videos to courses and so on. The one thing you need to accomplish though is creating and adding resources that are actually unique or really important for the niche, something that people will actually want to have access to. Research your niche to find out what type of resources the niche audience is seeking out and go from there.

#8 – Top Ten Forum Promotion Tactics – Outstanding Customer Service
Whether your forum is an actual business or not a business, customer service is still a critical aspect of running a message forum community on the internet. Your members are your customers no matter what – even if you are not making money from them, they are still customers of the forum product you are providing to them. You need to please them and create an effort that encourages them to tell others about your outstanding customer services skills on the forum. To accomplish outstanding customer service on your forum, there are several things to put on your ‘to do’ list. You need to be extremely welcoming to new members. You need to be extremely helpful to members. You need to quickly but accurately answer questions and solve the challenges of the niche for your members. You need to be a great leader to your staff and run a forum with a very welcoming environment. Some of the best businesses in the world are successful solely on their outstanding customer service, why can’t a message forum be the same?

#9 – Top Ten Forum Promotion Tactics – Content Marketing
Content marketing is a wonderful way to promote your forum because it gives the member an incentive to discuss the content on the forum which makes your forum more active and that is often noticed by new visitors. A more active forum with more discussed topics will often lead to more members joining, ask any forum owner, they will most likely tell you the same thing. Your content marketing should focus on all sorts of styles and types of content including controversial debates, top ten lists, infographics, videos and even these popular memes that keep getting posted today. If you make content that becomes a hit, it can become viral and that could really boost your traffic and membership on the forum. You might also start a huge trend. Look at ‘Slender man’, he was started on a message forum and now there are movies being made about that character.

#10 – Top Ten Forum Promotion Tactics – Beat the Competition
This tactic might be the hardest of the top ten forum promotion tactics listed in this article. If you can somehow manage to outdo and beat your competition, and become the number 1 forum in your niche, then promotion is going to be a lot easier after that. I have a forum that used to be number 2 in the niche. The number 1 forum, my main competition was a lot bigger and older than my forum. No matter what I did, they continued to reign over my forum. So I bought them out and merged their database into my forum and in 24 hours became the largest forum in my niche. Now my efforts to promote the forum are a lot easier. I can easily get more members and content without putting too much effort into it and when I do put a lot of effort into it, the forum simply explodes with activity. Beat your competition, become number 1 and you will quickly find out what it means to have a self-promoting message forum.

What are your Top Ten Forum Promotion Tactics?
If you were to write an article stating your top ten forum promotion tactics, what would they be? Out of my top ten forum promotion tactics, which one have you had the most success with and why do you think it has been most rewarding for your forum in particular? Please comment below with your thoughts, ideas, opinions and questions about my top ten forum promotion tactics.