The Upcoming Google Algorithm and your Forum!

I get a subscription to a website magazine and I read a lot of SEO and marketing related articles on it. They give me ideas for forum articles because while the articles in the magazine are for all sorts of websites, I can write my own in relation to them except optimize them for the forum owner market. This particular article is about how Google is changing their algorithm and how forum owners should respond to it.

Content is really going to be KING!

Most of the old SEO tip articles and blogs tell you that it's all about content however, they also tell you to use rich content keywords in header tags such as H1, H2 and H3. This was because of the Google Spider, when indexing your forums, it really loved to crawl on the header tags and that is why it was important to make sure you have keyword content rich header tags.

With the upcoming algorithm changes, Google will be crawling on header tags a lot less and focusing more on the page's main content. So with a forum that will likely be the topic and the posts. Now as many say, forum SEO is quite a myth, they are right. It's very difficult to have forum SEO but that doesn't mean you should give up. You yourself can achieve some of the forum SEO and rankings simply by making sure there is a constant flow of content on your forum. To do this, simply post a lot.

Another Admin Forum is a bit over 5 months old and is nearing 15,000 posts. I have posted quite a few of the topics on this forum. I did it using a special system that I use to launch forums. I posted 5 to 10 topics (new topics) each day I visited the forum in each main niche section. I did this constantly for about 2 months and as result, I gave this forum thousands and thousands on new topics. This sort of system is something the new Google algorithm would absolutely love. Content is important and you will need to keep dishing it out if you really want your forum to get anywhere on the World Wide Web.

Link Building will be Important

So at one time, building links for your forum was as easy as just getting a link posted on a directory or forum signature. This will not be the case anymore, now Google will focus on how relevant the back link is to the website it is on. But that is not it, it will also look as to how they back link is displayed in search engines and that will determine the ranking as well.

Fair Results Page

Google is now also indicating that it will not be showing so many results of one website in the search listing pages (aka Host Crowding) and that we can expect more results of other websites on searches as well. This may be bad for some especially for those who want a bunch of results for their websites first hoping that the consumer will click on their links first. However, in my opinion, this is good for forums because it will give the little guy more of a chance.

I hope you have enjoyed my little article on some of the Google Algorithm changes that are coming. I mainly wanted to discuss the ones that could be used by the forum owner so some have been left out. If you have any further information to share in relation to this article and the algorithm changes, please reply with your comments. You may repost this article on other websites as long as you keep all text intact and provide a link back to the original source on Thank you for reading!