Popular forum content is the type of topics and posts that get results on a message forum. Popular forum content usually results in a lot of member activity. This is what we usually want as forum owners. We want popular forum content to be posted so that our members start communicating and helping us keep the forum active. There are all different types of forum content, some of it is popular and can really make your forum successful but some content types are just not as popular to discuss as others. In this article, we are going to take a look at a few different styles of popular forum content types to further discuss how you can make your forum more active through better content submission…

Rule #1 – Popular Forum Content needs to be UNIQUE!
Unique – I am very sure you have heard this word before. I’ll beat it into your head and others in the forum world will beat it into your head. This is because unique content is required to make popular forum content. Think about unique content this way…You yourself don’t want to talk about a topic that has been talked about before again and again, you want to talk about something new. This is why unique content is so preached like it is today in the forum administrator community. People are not as interested in talking about the same crap as everyone else mentions. We are humans, we need something new to discuss. It gives up new opinions. It gives up new knowledge. It makes us feel happier to talk about something that hasn’t really been talked about yet. You have to be unique with your forum otherwise, your forum is just like any other OLD forum.

Popular Forum Content does something Emotional
Whether you spark an angry debate or bring out the true experts with a topic on your forum, your content needs to be able to touch the emotions of your readers before it can become popular forum content. A post like “What did you do today?” isn’t probably going to be that emotional to members. A post like “I donated blood today, what did you do?” will be emotional especially if members reply with other things they have done today to be good citizens in this world. These are poor topic examples, I know, but you get the jest here. You need to personally touch the emotions of your members when attempting to create popular forum content. If you don’t, then you shouldn’t expect much from the members.

So what Styles makes Popular Forum Content?
Many different styles will ensure popular forum content can be created on your forum. Most of all, the type of content that not only brings out emotions of members but the content that allows members to feel personally involved, will be the best type of content to make into popular forum content. The topics should be geared towards the readers so that they actually have a reason to respond to it. As an example, I recently created a topic on my Skywarn Forum (the forum is about the US storm spotter program) about why everyone decided to become storm spotters. It was not only emotional but it was personal – it allowed people to tell their own story without feeling as if they were taking over the topic. It became 2 pages in length within a couple of hours and it is still growing now. People love to talk about themselves and we should embrace that as forum owners.

What Popular Forum Content have you Created?
Now it is your turn to comment! I want to know, what sort of popular forum content have you created on your online community? Tell us all what posts and topics have received the most attention of your forum. Please comment below with your thoughts, opinions, ideas and questions about creating popular forum content.
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