Master Your Forum Niche

It has been a while since I wrote an article. Today I was making a post and thought of a perfect article to create for you all. In this article, I will discuss the ways and methods of you to master your forum niche. Mastering you niche would mean being a big player of the topic of your forum. If you are a big player, then you will have enough reputation to be known by the forum world in your niche which will in return make your community more worth joining. If I were to join a forum, I would only want to join where the leaders of the forum know exactly what their forum is about.

First, develop friendships.

The best way to start being a master of your forum niche is to develop friendships with other people in the niche that know a lot about it. Lets say you run a pet forum, then you should join other pet forums (not with an intent on advertising) and start to get to know some of the big players in the pet forum world. Maybe try to get to know some pet show hosts by online communications and other "celebrity" types as well. Then some of the big names will get to know you, others will see them as your friend and most likely want to get to know you as well. Starting out with the leaders in a niche is the best way to start gaining a reputation with that niche.

Next, expand your reputation.

Now that you know some people in the niche and people are starting to know you, now you should start to expand your reputation and someone who knows about the niche and knows about it really well. To do this, I would suggest helping people on forums with questions related to the niche. If someone asks what is the best dog food to feed a toy poodle, tell them what it is and what the benefits are of buying it. You should also consider writing articles for popular niche sites and develop that "you know what you are talking about" reputation. The more resources you can provide to people in the niche, especially those who want help, the more of a reputation you will start to get. You may even be asked to be staff on a niche forum which is another great way to gain reputation.

Always, be on top of your niche.

Always know everything about your niche. You should always research your forum niche and get to know it very well. Pay close attention to the past, present and future of the niche and be the one to always know the answer. If you have a forum where you can give any sort of advice on the niche, then you have a forum that will interest people to want to join and be active on. The best way to research your niche is other forums and seeing what hot topics people are discussing, what the worst problems are and how they are fixed and what could be improved. You should also pay attention to any official websites, news sites, articles, reviews and etc. related to the niche as well. The more you know about your topic, the more resources you can provide to your community.

Dont, be a know it all.

Unless you physically created the niche of your forum, you are not the king of the niche and you shouldn't have that sort of attitude. You want to be a leader in knowledge of the niche but you do not want to be that forum owner who says it my forum or no forum when it comes to the niche. Be kind, be willing to say others know a lot about the niche and express the fact that all forums associated with a niche means more resources and information for more people interested in the niche. You should also employ or hire staff members that also are experts in the niche because a group of experts are better than one. Do you think the creator of Facebook comes up with all the ideas? No, he has a team of people who think of ways to make the network even better than what it is today. The more brains and experts you have in the mix, the more of a reason for other people to join so they can learn more and get help with the niche.

Now, focus on content.

Now that you have developed a reputation and are mastering your niche, you should focus on your forum content. Write a lot of content on your forum. Doing this include posting topics that will catch the eye and response of other members of the forum, writing articles of the niche and posting them on your forum and other places with a link leading to your forums and ensuring the community stays active. I would also suggest utilizing Twitter and Facebook services/pages to help get the word out about your professional niche forum.