This is the July edition of my 2020 Community Management series to help Invision Communities of all sizes build successful communities. Today’s article brings real-world guidance from the World Health Organization (WHO) to online communities in effectively managing their communication strategies.

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The World Health Organization (WHO) is the world's most trusted source of information on international health, and a foremost partner to public health agencies combating the coronavirus. They also understand the critical need for risk communication and community engagement to respond to the coronavirus pandemic -- a valuable strategy that any online community can adopt in these volatile times.

In March of this year as the coronavirus was already rampaging across nations, WHO published a series of guidance for risk communication and community engagement. One of the major lessons they learned during some of the most perilous outbreaks including SARS, Ebola, and MERS was that community engagement was a critical factor in the success of containing any pandemic.


Here are 3 best practices from the World Health Organization that can help online communities navigate any crisis.

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