Cre8Buzz is a new social networking site focused towards their members gaining more exposure for themselves. In their own words -

There are a lot of talented people in the world. We know this. Unfortunately, most of them go unnoticed and remain in anonymity their entire lives. We all know of someone who has an amazing talent, or an amazing idea, or is phenomenal at what they do, but hardly anyone knows about it. This fact bothers us at cre8buzz. We believe there is something wrong with a world where talented people and ideas can go unnoticed. So we decided to do something about it. We set out to build a place where everyone had a chance to be seen, heard and found.
We built Cre8buzz with one question in mind: How do we get EVERYONE more…
  • More exposure
  • More visitors
  • More views
  • More friends
  • More followers
  • More comments
  • More feedback
How do we help people cre8 a buzz of their own?
Our answer; Cre8buzz, the place where everyone in the world has a chance to be seen, heard, and found!

How did cre8Buzz come about?

We noticed two things: First, people are running around the other sites trying to get a little attention. Folks are using social networks for more than just meeting people, they are usin' em for promotion. The problem is other sites are clunky and were never designed for promotion. We think, big time, that folks with cool content should be rewarded and therefore there’s a need to create a site that rewards the folks with good stuff; thus the "buzzranking" was born. It is a simple premise; reward people for good content.

My boys also recognized that no-one was delivering all types (not just video) of User Generated Content to the masses and that there was tons of crazy cool User Generated Content inside the other sites, but it was impossible to get to. Seriously, have ya ever tried to find something inside of a social network? It is impossible. They are designed and set up to "meet" people not display the best content. They have a stumble effect. If you’re friends with someone that has cool stuff then ya might find it. But if not, well just wait until it comes along. What is worse, is if your not a member of the social network then you'll never find anything. There is almost zero value in the today's social networks for people who don't belong to ‘em. That didn't make sense because of how much information was behind those closed doors.

What do you want to accomplish:

The goals:
(1) get people exposure and reward them for their crazy cool content,
(2)give people who are looking for the best User Generated Content on the internet an easy way to find it!

Tell us about the team behind cre8Buzz.

The boys are cool! They are 4 guys who know business and loved the ideas so much they couldn't help themselves from startin' this crazy venture. Not much to say really: 4 guys, a small office, a dog, me, a little ole' Ant and a really, really, tall pile of recyclables.

Please tell us about the cre8Buzz System.

It is all about rewarding the people with the best content while showcasing that content for anyone who is checking things out. The system is kinda simple. We let the community vote on what/who they think is the best on the site. We then, usin' our secret, double special, for-our-eyes-only ranking algorithm, rank everything from best to worst! This ranking is called the "buzzranking" The highest "buzzranked" stuff gets put on the Top page therefore getting more exposure.

What is cool about the "buzzranking" is it gives people countless ways to increase their exposure. We rank by community (Photographers), by segment, (artists), and overall. We also rank every picture, every video, every blog, every blog post, etc. What this does is increases the chances of someone getting seen for something. A person’s profile may have an average "buzzranking" yet can post a single picture or video that rockets to the top. This will then bring traffic to their profile and likely increase that buzzranking.

It also allows for people to compete with similar content, ie a person could be #10,000 overall, but be #1 with in their specific community (BMX), therefore giving them clout in the community they are most excited about. The cre8Buzz system acts like tentacles reaching out creating thousands of #1's all getting some level of substantial exposure. We think it is one slammin system that may someday create a lot of famous people, Any anyone not looking for fame just get them a lot more readers for their blog or viewers for their video's or like-minded friends.

How long has it been in development?

Too long!! We been workin' on this since July, 2006!

What is it like doing a start up, specifically a social network?

We were just talkin' about this the other day. For a while, it was all about getting the site built and open to some users. The hardest part now is the pressure of not failing the users. They were sayin' they don't mind failing for themselves. They kinda expected that failure was possible, NOT EXPECTED, just possible. It’s the idea that a lot of people have come to really enjoy the buzz. Folks spending serious time using the site and have given us great feedback and we don't want to let anyone down. As you grow, you start to realize a lot of folks are counting on you and we want make it happen for them.

There is a lot of passion at the office. Getting it right is the drivin' force. We see that social networks are the next wave in the democratization of the world. When a person living in relative obscurity with an amazing talent or idea can be found, the world has grown. The boys take this very seriously and get jazzed big time by the thought of influencing the world. We've already found some pretty impressive people on the buzz. Take disp911gal. In the fiction community, she is a 911 operator, mom and writer. She has a dream to write and took the leap to post some of her stuff on Cre8buzz. Her story is amazing and has rocketed up the "buzzrankings to the top 8 overall. Imagine what that does for someones confidence? Now, I can only imagine what it will do once the world can see her stuff: Millions of people reading her story and getting as hooked as we are! This is just one example of the many talented folks that are already on the buzz, shooting up the rankings,! It keeps us motivated as we watch it happen.

How does it compare to the other Social Networking systems currently available?

Although we have a heavy "social networking" component, we don't like to consider ourselves a social network. Social networking is our platform. It is the foundation for compiling the content. However, what we really do is aggregate and distribute User Generated Content (UGC). That is the main difference between us and traditional Social Networks. We focus on the content as much as the relationship. When you visit the cre8Buzz home page the first thing you see is CONTENT, the Top "Buzzranked", Profiles, Video's, Posts, Blogs, Pictures, and Podcasts. Where else on the web can you, with one click, find the all the best content with in a Social Network ? But we didn't stop there. We then segmented it by areas of interest and then by specific communities. This allows an even more granular view at what is HOT and what is good content by community, by viewer interest. This is what truly separates cre8Buzz from the pack. We placed value on content, where everyone else bets on the relationships.