Our last interview with Shawn was about 8 months ago, just before he he spent some quality time as a guest of the Federal Government for eBay affiliate fraud. Shawn's out now, so let's see how he held up and what he has planned for the future.

So was stay at Taft Correctional Institution better or worse than you imagined? Did the time pass quickly or slowly? How did you spend your days?

It was pretty fun actually. No responsibilities, everyone (inmates and staff) was super nice, bathrooms/showers were super clean/private and nice, food was great, etc.

Honestly, if I just wanted to be lazy and be taken care of, it would be a great place to live for a longer period of time.

The hardest decision you have to make is along the lines of if you want to play softball or bocce ball. Or maybe you want to play pool so you can watch TV at the same time.

I always made carnitas and fresh guacamole for Charger games. :)

Morganna insisted I ask if you got any tattoos while you were "in the joint"?

Lol... no. And not sure you could find a tattoo parlor there to do it for you anyway. :)

How was the transition back to civilian life?

Same ol'... live in the same house, same car, same everything. Car insurance never was canceled, cable TV and Internet were still working when I got home, cell phone still activated, etc. Transitioning back to civilian life would be about the same compared to if you went on vacation for a couple months somewhere. Time to stop doing nothing and get back to work, because you have stuff to do.

What was the first thing you did when you got back home?

Honestly I don't remember... I think maybe I rewired part of my network at home because I had someone change it when I was gone to route around an issue. Was no longer an issue, so was okay to put network back to normal.

Did things go as planned with Digitalpoint and your servers while you were gone?

Yep... I figured there would be more (or any) issues without anyone monitoring anything or doing anything at the admin-level (server or site). But no real issues. Site just hummed along, no failures of anything (but even if there was, everything is redundant, so wouldn't have mattered). But none of the failover stuff had to kick in.

How did the Monitoring System/Dashboard work out?

Never had to be used, but it's still working. :)


XenForo is a great framework to build applications on top of... so I do that.

Tell us about the content quality filter system you built for DP.

Just a handy way to hide low-quality posts if you want. The top of any thread has a slider to control the threshold you personally want.


You're using CloudFlare for your CDN - how's that been working out?

Love, love, love it... can't say enough good things about it. Really nice being able to serve static content (CSS, JS, images, etc.) from whatever CloudFlare data center is closest to the end user.

Did I mention I love it?

You've been quite busy adding features to your DP Better Analytics add-on. Why so much interest in this, and what else do you have planned for it?

It's useful to know what's going on with your site... where revenue is being generated, what time of day the site is slower, what percent of emails the system is sending out are being opened, etc. So yeah... just wanted all that data myself really.

What other projects are you working on?

Too many, and all the interesting ones are secret, so... :)

Tell us something else about yourself that most people don't already know.

Pretty sure everyone knows everything about me by now.