You to improve blogging strengths every chance you get! Many bloggers will not improve blogging strengths because they are focusing too much attention and effort on their weaknesses and threats to their blogs. Are you one of these types of bloggers?

We ironically do not always improve blogging strengths that we have essentially because we figure we have the strengths now we need to work on improving something else. This is a very bad assumption to have.

Consider this… I follow professional road cycling. A pro-cyclist who is a winner has a lot of strength at cycling. However, to remain the winner, they always have to improve their strengths. They have to practice ride all year, eat in specific ways, hydrate properly and do many other cross-training exercises to help with their cycling strategy. If they don’t do these things, their strength and chances of winning again will dramatically decrease. Right?

The same concept goes for the need to improve blogging strengths. You are strong at something to do with your blogging routine – congratulations! Now what are you going to do to keep up that strength and make it better and better each time? Ignoring it will not improve blogging strengths, ignoring it will make you lose strengths even if a little bit at a time or a lot at a time, pending on who you are and what you are stronger in.

Improve Blogging Strengths? Which strengths should you improve?
This really depends on what blogging strengths you have that needs to be improved. For me, my blogging strengths are innovating ideas – I can always come up with a new topic idea to write about and pinpointing the challenges of blogging – I can always figure out what people need help with the most concerning their blogging routines. But how can I do this all? By recognizing the need to improve blogging strengths on a daily basis. I research constantly! I read other blogs about blogging, I surf the web, I engage with people on social media and I join message forums concerning content and blogging. I constantly try to take in new information each day to improve my knowledge and expertise around blogging. That is how I get my ideas; that is how I define what topics people need help with the most. That is how I improve blogging strengths that I have identified for myself. So my blogging strengths might not be your blogging strengths but you just need to research yourself and your blog to discover what you are best at to find and improve blogging strengths that you have acquired.

Improve Blogging Strengths to Fill Weakness Gaps
Now I recommend that we continue to improve blogging strengths that we carry but that doesn’t mean that we should ignore our weaknesses as well. However, from my experience, strength improvement can essentially lead to weakness improvement. Think about the weaknesses that you have with your blogging routine. Think about how your weaknesses related to the strengths you have acquired. How can you improve blogging strengths to improve weakness gaps in your blogging activities?

Let me give an example of this based on my own experience with it…

I used to write bad blog posts. I wrote to an audience as if they were college professors. But my words and sentence structure were not university professional at all. I’d use slang and put wording where it shouldn’t have been placed. I was a horrible writer at one time. But I still came up with great topics that were extremely helpful for the audiences that I wrote for. So while recognizing that need to improve blogging strengths I had in topic innovation and helpfulness, I saw a need to fill the gap of my writing weaknesses. So I started reading articles made by top bloggers and especially how the articles were written and structured. I started using tools and programs to help me correct mistakes. I eventually learned how to write my blog posts a lot better than how I wrote them before. So essentially, I took to improve blogging strengths by filling the weakness gaps in my writing issues.

If you don’t Improve Blogging Strengths, you Lose Blogging Strengths!
Like my example with the professional cyclist, if you have a strength, you have to continuously set out to improve that strength. The same example can be used in blogging. My blogging strengths are topic idea innovation and helping others with their biggest challenges. If I were to quit researching ideas and challenges to focus on something else, all the new information would pass me up and I might not ever see it in the future. I might out on opportunities the improve blogging strengths and really make an article that could go viral in the blogging niche. That would be one heck of a missed opportunity, if you ask me. So to improve blogging strengths that I have acquired, I continue to research while also improving weaknesses and threats that get in my way. It is smart blogging, if you will!

Do you set out to Improve Blogging Strengths that you hold?
What blogging strengths do you have? How have you acquired your blogging strengths? What are your weaknesses? How do you improve blogging strengths that you have acquired while also addressing any weaknesses and threats to your blogging all at the same time? Please comment below with your thoughts, ideas, opinions and questions about the need to improve blogging strengths that we acquire throughout our blogging careers.