You can improve blogging competition quite easily these days! To improve blogging competition, you simply have to eliminate blogging competition. Eliminate? What, you say? Eliminate sounds like an ‘evil’ word, doesn’t it? But in this case, for this article, eliminate is actually quite the opposite of evil. Elimination is basically the focusing tactic on how you can improve blogging competition with ease and no struggles at all. To sum this article up, you can improve blogging competition by eliminating your tactic of trying to beat a competitor…

Improve Blogging Competition by not being Competitive
What? You probably think I am crazy for the header above! I’m not and have the proof to show that I am not crazy. We can simply improve blogging competition by not being competitive at all. Why? Because there is NO POINT anymore of blogging competition, now we need to focus on our own unique efforts and our own unique branding rather than the silly competition of the olden days.

See… Look at it this way: New bloggers are spawning each day for all blogging niche markets, including yours, most likely. They will continue to spawn. What are we going to do about that? We are not going to resort of aggressive competitive tactics because that is wrong and it can really bite us back really hard. People like blogging these days and new idea machines of human beings are popping up each day. This will continue, you will most likely ALWAYS have some kind of need to improve blogging competition because of the amounts of new bloggers getting into all the niche markets these days.

The reasoning behind my recommendation to eliminate blogging competition by not trying to improve blogging competition at all just makes a lot of sense with the current times we are blogging in. We cannot stop new bloggers from starting and we shouldn’t be trying to do it even if we could, it is unfair and bad practice. Instead, we can focus on building a name for our blogs and a brand for ourselves that is unique to ourselves and our blogs. The competition cannot easily steal our own personal and blogging brands, we created them, we know the secrets in keeping them our own. By focusing on our own brands and unique reputations, we can all simply get along and blog about the same sort of topics.

Instead of trying to improve blogging competition by fighting the competition, we can improve our relationship with the competition and create long-lasting friendships with our competition. I’d rather be friends with someone than fight with someone, how about you?

There are a lot of blogging and forum tips type niche blogs and communities out there on internet land. I don’t see these folks and their sites as competition. I see these folks and their sites as fellow experts and great resources for obtaining more knowledge and new ideas for my own blog. Competition is essentially a valuable resources for getting more ideas to make your own blog a better blog than what it is right now. Why let that value go to waste because you are trying to improve blogging competition like that of a caveperson? Get with the times, upgrade to the modern world and embrace blogging competition because it is here to stay and there is nothing you can do to make it go away! Ever!

Do you feel the need to improve blogging competition is a wasted effort?
Do you agree with me that we really don’t need to improve blogging competition? Or do you think that we need to continue to improve blogging competition by being competitive with other bloggers in our niche markets? If so, why? Please comment below with your thoughts, ideas, opinions and questions about blogging competition and the need to quit being so competitive.