Last year I launched Vaping Forum, a message forum for discussing the use and lifestyle of the electronic cigarette movement. E-Cigs have become rather popular over the number of years they have been around. I completely quit smoking regular analog cigarettes and started using E-Cigs a few years ago. Since then, I smell better, my lungs have cleared up and I spend maybe $20 every 4 months to vape.

But my use of E-Cigs isn't the reason I am writing this article. I am writing this article to show you how I am steadily earning income from selling advertising on Vaping Forum. I probably sell a new ad or two at least 4 days out of the week almost every week. On average, I can easily make a couple of hundred dollars each week for that specific forum alone.

The Niche is Important
When it comes to profiting from forum advertisement sales, the niche of your forum is going to play a huge factor. Not all niches are that profitable. AAF for example, it isn't a big niche to make a lot of money on because it isn't sticky for selling forum-related products. All of the paid software providers don't need to buy advertising because they are way too popular to have that need. Vaping Forum though supports a product which is electronic cigarettes. E-Cig stores pop up each and every day due to how easy it is to get one started. Most E-Cig sales are done online. Therefore, my Vaping Forum is a sticky community for these E-Cig businesses to gain new customers.

So you have to look at your niche and determine what it can sell to. What do your members do to earn revenue or authority in relation to your niche? How can you sell advertising or other products and services to them that will benefit them in terms of earning revenue or authority from it? A simple '“buy this banner ad" will not do if there is no call to action around why they should be purchasing the banner ad. If you don't give them a good reason to buy the ad, they won't be buying the ad. People don't spend money on your forum to help make you rich - they will always spend it to serve some sort of benefit of their own intentions and you need to accept that and work with what you can work with.

Be Cheap
These times are rough! Fuel is expensive and goes fast - Bread and milk is triple the cost of what it was when I was 10 years old. And all the expenses in our daily routine are not doing anything but getting higher. These are the times that people and businesses are starting to watch their money and cut spending costs. Therefore, expensive advertising is probably going to take a big hit nowadays. On Vaping Forum, I sell fairly cheap advertising plans and rates. I also give great discounts and money off when clients purchase a full year of advertising or more. If they purchase for more years, I will give them more money off and discounts. I make even more money doing this while also helping them save in the long run. They can spend $5 a month on a simple text link ad or $40 a year with $20 being cut off the price.

Most of my advertisers choose annual plans on the cheaper advertising plans and they go month by month on the more expensive ones. Something tells me that if I was more expensive with the ad prices, my clients wouldn't be my clients at all. Now you may be thinking I am talking non-sense because you want to make as much as you can make. However, that brings the mighty question: Would you rather make some revenue or none? Being cheap will get you more revenue - Vaping Forum is proof of that!

Call to Action
On Vaping Forum, I use a variety of call to action marketing techniques to get vendors to purchase advertising. Call to action is when you basically tell your audience what they will get if they perform a certain action on your community. On Vaping Forum, I encourage vendors to purchase advertising by allowing them to imagine their banner or text link on the community advertising blocks. And it helps when you have other advertisers who have purchased ads because the potential client will see that and usually want to be on there just the same.

A simple“advertise here" isn't very proactive or encouraging. So maybe you sure experiment by mixing the words up and bit and giving the potential advertisers some words of wisdom of how advertising on your forum will benefit their business and so on. If you got their eyes on that advertising link or banner, that isn't enough. You need to make those areas sticky so that potential advertisers cannot resists and in the result become actual advertisers on your message forum.

Do these things and you will be getting more advertisers in no time! I do it and I get to get a smile each day I check my email to see where someone is asking to purchase ads on my forum. Thanks for reading this article and I hope it helps you earn more revenue on your message forum. Please help support me for writing it by sharing it with others and leaving a comment below.