Get your site noticed and build that traffic!
By Paul Duxbury
owner of

Traffic, is one of the magic words on the internet! The number or volume of visitors to your online business website is what ultimately dictates the success or failure of your home based business or online venture.

You can have the best looking website on the internet, offering the most incredible product to your potential customers, but if no one comes to visit then all your design efforts will have been in vain.

Now none of us want that do we? I know I certainly don't because I want people to see what I have done and to buy what I have to offer! What about you? I am sure you would like nothing more that to have a constant flow of people to your online business website. Here are some proven ways in increasing the volume of users who will visit your site.

Use Overture.

Overture is a subsidiary of Yahoo that offers a powerful keyword suggestion tool that helps you come to find the right keywords. If you are using the right keywords on your website then they will bring in more visitors for your site.

With Overture you type in the words that are related to your online business products or services, and see how many searches were made for those particular entries. The more searches there are, the more you should consider using those keywords in your site.

Submit your site to the many search engines on the web.

We all use search engines when we are looking for information on the internet. Can you imagine what life on the internet would be like without the Search Engines? Doesn't bear thinking about does it? So you need to harness the power of the search engines to ensure that when people use search engines to determine their destination they have the option of coming to your website!

Know the value of keywords.

Search engine spiders are sent to fetch the keywords embedded in your site, so it would serve you well if your pages are populated with the right keywords you've acquired from Overture. So without turning your online business website into page after page simply made up of your keywords you need to ensure that your online business keywords are prevalent throughout your website. The Search Engine Optimisation phrase to cover this is "Keyword Density" and that is such a big subject that it will be covered in a separate article very soon!

Provide quality content.

As I have already suggested simply populating your site with keywords would be useless if done carelessly. Your visitors will be looking for information, and if you don't give them what they are looking for then they will just leave as quickly as they came. Remember, you want quality visitors, those who have the highest possibility of purchasing what you have to offer. You have to provide good, informative content for them so that they'll stay. Try to publish articles or special reports on your site, where your keywords are strategically positioned in the body of your content at a density level of at least 2% (2 mentions of the keywords per 100 words of the body).

Promote in online communities.

Get the word out to the wider world by joining forums, mailing lists, discussion boards and similar online places where your target audience is likely to gather. Many people start threads asking for help. Help them by providing answers to their questions and you will start to build your reputation within your field of expertise. More often than not, in online forums you are allowed to have a signature where you can put a link to your online business website and this will certainly bring in some visitors as well.

Create a reason to return.

You need to aim at encouraging return visitors to your online business website. You can build your own mailing list to keep in touch with them and offer some promotions or special offers from time to time. Alternatively you could incorporate a forum into your website to provide for a venue for your visitors to come together and discuss certain topics. This would simulate the semblance of a community they could call their own, and they would keep visiting your site to join in the discussions.

Constantly refresh and update your content.

Not only will this win the favour of search engines, but it will also increase the possibility of attracting visitors you once lost.

During the early stages of your online business website's existence, traffic may come slowly. However, do not be discouraged into giving up. With the techniques shared in this article, you can increase the flow of visitors in due time, resulting in a high level of activity for your online business venture. With a prosperous website comes a prosperous business!