Long term member activity is important for your forum. As a forum owner, you practically rely on active members to help you keep your forum alive and well. You probably post frequently and do things with the intent to keep membership happy with the features and events on your message forum community. Now you can focus on those members who visit once a week or so and post a couple of discussions or you can cast your attention on those who can bring your forum to the top with proper long term member activity.

Long Term Member Activity is where you need to focus!

Focus on the long term member activity on your message forum by focusing on the members who post frequently. Befriend them and connect with them! Find out what their interests and hobbies are and then relate to those interests and hobbies. If you cannot relate to them, find a way to get into them yourself so you can eventually relate to them. Your members will likely want to learn more about you, especially is they show long term member activity but they also want to be able to talk about themselves as well and you need to make sure that is very welcomed on your message forum.

Long Term Member Activity can and should be boosted!

Work on increasing long term member activity by finding out what makes long term member activity! Meaning, you should be actively researching, paying attention and calculating what features, topics and events are encouraging long term member activity on your forum. Maybe it's a certain subject that is being discussed? Maybe it's certain resources that you are submitting to members? Maybe it's certain members who enjoy the company of other members on the forum? The trick here is finding what creates long term member activity and increasing it as much as you can. Give your members a great reason to continue to be active on your online community and they will do just that.

Who participates in Long Term Member Activity on forums?

This is a good question! Those that would be considered candidates of long term member activity are those who make it a point to be active on the forum for a long term. If you have a member who logins to your forum each and every day and posts several new replies and/or topics each time, they would be a great example of long term member activity. If you have a member who logins to your forum once a month and posts once or twice, that would be a poor example of long term member activity! The members who commit to your message forum are them members participating in long term member activity and those members should be your main focus for forum owner success.

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What do you think about long term member activity? Do you think it's an important element to pay attention to on your own community? What are your experiences with long term member activity on a message forum you run or have ran in the past?