A Forum Anniversary Celebration is a great way to boost activity and membership on your message forum. Plus it is a lot of fun for both you and your members. Think about it… What did you do for your forum when it turned a year old? Made a simple announcement about it? If so, I bet that was boring… Instead of doing what a lot of forums do and just making a simple topic announcing your anniversaries that are probably not being read, why not be innovative and have a full blown forum anniversary celebration bash on the forum? I did it not too long ago and ended up with 100+ more active member registrations, a whole bunch of content and some really happy members and staff members as a result. You can do it, too! In this article, I will share my ideas of proven success with you to freely use on your own forum!

Forum Anniversary Celebration Idea #1: Length of the Celebration
One day is just not enough for an event. Look at Black Friday for example, most websites and online services will celebrate the event by offering the lowest prices of the year for the full weekend or even the full week of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. With just one day of a forum anniversary celebration, you are probably not going to accomplish much on your forum. What if all the members are not able to participate during that one day? Instead of one day, why not make it and entire weekend or even make the forum anniversary celebration last for an entire week at that! I made mine for a whole week straight and it was truly successful in the end.

Forum Anniversary Celebration Idea #2: Multiple Events Added
My forum anniversary celebration was packed with multiple events for the celebration bash. I had five contests going at once, all with great prizes in the end for the winners. Some contests didn’t do as well as other ones but the members still enjoyed being able to participate in multiple contests running on the message forum. The one word of advice that I can give you concerning forum contests is to try to keep the contests related to your forum and the niche is some way. Like for example, on my forum which is about Skywarn, I asked my members to tell their story about how they got into Skywarn in the first place and that staff would select a winner based on the details and impact of their stories. The contest was directly about the forum’s niche so it was interesting to the type of members on the forum.

Forum Anniversary Celebration Idea #3: Flash Marketing
To market my forum anniversary celebration, I used flash marketing tactics. I’d get on Twitter and Facebook at certain periods of the day based on statistics provided for each services of when my fans were the most active on the social networks. I’d then post announcements concerning my contests and how long members have to participate in them until they could no longer participate in them at all. Thousands of views were recorded on each status and while not that much participated on each contest, it has still boosted the traffic on my message forum in the end.

Forum Anniversary Celebration Idea #4: Next Year
This year’s forum celebration anniversary was a hit, a success and turned out better than I expected it to turn out. But next year is going to be a lot better. I am going to plan the five year forum anniversary celebration for an entire year to make sure it beats the one I did this year by a long haul. You should follow suit here! Focus on making each forum anniversary celebration you have be better than the last one. Each forum anniversary celebration should also be much different than the last one as well. You could have a few of the same contests but you should also do different things for the members, too. This way the celebrations that you put on won’t be so default which could become boring to your members.

How do you celebrate your Forum Anniversary Celebration events?
When you forum anniversary celebration looms, what type of events do you usually put on for your forum? How successful are these events? Do you change up your forum anniversary celebration each year you have one at all? Please comment below with your thoughts, ideas, opinions and questions about hosting your own forum anniversary celebration to help boost forum activity on your online community.