Forum Ad Blocking Crisis: What YOU can do about it!

Thank you very much for this really informative and good written article. Helps me a lot for future projects! :)
Huge thanks for this :)
Advertising agancies should disappear from this world. 99% of them do have shady business tactics.
I don't use ads on any of my sites/forums. My main source of revenue is donations. :)
It was a nice read at the moment depending upon the site we do following:
1. Wont display the content to end-user unless ad-blocker is disabled.
(keep a pop-up)
2. Implemting inhouse ads.. (which helps changing domains periodically, it takes that ad-blockers update there codes with domains included)
3. ...
Really great read. Also very beneficial. I like the fact that you call people out that are being greedy and are only getting into forum administration just to make money. In reality their heart just is not in it and they will not succeed. Trial By Fire..
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I have gone away with banner advertisement and only use links now. Outside of that I plan on opening a t-shirt store and maybe adding a donation section for members of my community to support us.

Your article is a wake up call and hopefully folks look into this deeper like I have.

Thanks for posting.
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I wasn't really fond of the condescending tone the article was written in; nonetheless, it has some good information regarding the cons of advertising and marketing to a new generation of ad free users.
I do not use ads on my site, and do not plan to. I have been thinking about it every once and a while, but decided not to as it degrades user experience. This has made my decision even more obviously right. Thank you! Though, what do you suggest as an alternative to just get a little money to help the bills?
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