The forum ad blocking crisis is ongoing. More and more internet users each day are installing add-ons and programs on their computers and browsers that will completely block advertisements on message forums, blogs and other websites. Forum owners are experiencing this crisis because they are starting to lose massive amounts of profit from their forum advertising campaigns. Forum owners will install add-ons that detect ad blocking users and post a message to them asking them to turn off ad blockers and even going as far as blocking users who use ad blockers on the forum. This growing crisis is hitting home for many forum owners all over the world and all over the internet. However, there is a solution that will completely solve this crisis for a forum owner! What is the solution? DITCH ADVERTISING!

WARNING: This article is in favor of forum users installing ad blocking solutions and effectively blocking all ads on your forum. If you are a primitive forum owner that thinks advertising is still a thing and are offended by this article, then you are advised not to read this article but to instead wish for a perform forum advertising world that is never going to happen again. You have been warned…

How can ditching advertisements be a solution for the Forum Ad Blocking Crisis???
It’s simple really… Advertisements are a thing of the past when it comes to any sort of website, be it a forum, blog or any other type of website. The people of the internet has spoken and the people of the internet is going to get their way. Imagine my way of thinking here… I’ve seen extreme hypocrisy on the internet in the forum world. For example, one forum owner creates a HUGE campaign fighting these government acts to limit the internet freedom of users. They make videos, posts, promote petitions and even darken out their forum on a certain day to promote the cause. They become huge advocates of internet freedom. Then when they realize internet users are practicing their freedom by blocking the advertisements on their forums, the forum owner throws freedom right out the window and starts to combat their own users for blocking advertisements. To hell with internet freedom, they are digging into my profits! Got Hypocrisy?

The Forum Ad Blocking Crisis Promotes Forum Toxicity
It really does if you really look at it… Consider this, I made my Skywarn Forum for storm spotters and weather enthusiasts on the internet to congregate online at a space where they can make new friends, gain knowledge about severe weather spotting and enjoy the niche without worry of being forced away because others are not interested in it. My forum members don’t see any advertisements because I don’t serve them. Imagine if I did though… Imagine if I served annoying advertisements and my members started blocking them with add-ons and such. It then upsets me. I then install add-ons of my own that demands the member uninstall the ad block software. They ignore my demands so I step it up a notch and block them from the forum. Ha! I win! You lose! But I still don’t make any money off of you...wait a minute…I didn’t win anything…I’m just being a jerk who cares more about profit than my members. And now they know this and they hate my forum, they troll my forum, they install newer add-ons that my add-on cannot detect. My once fun and entertaining weather community becomes a toxic battleground between me and my members. That is what it looks like to combat the forum ad blocking crisis that is happening today. Are you one of these jerks?

What led to the Forum Ad Blocking Crisis?
Mainly, the ad itself! Advertising networks do some very strange tactics in terms of collecting user data and “customizing” advertisements to match an internet user’s “interests”. You think the big brother government is bad at invading our privacy??? Research some of the methods being used by the top advertising networks on how they get their data and how website and forum owners blindly enable them to do just that. I like shopping online, in fact, I probably do 90% of my shopping entirely online. However, I notice a trend when shopping at certain websites that I know utilize a certain huge ad network that is often found littering websites, blogs and forums. The trend is that I will buy a specific product and then the ad on a random website will show me that same product I have purchased or even looked at to consider purchasing. That to me isn’t really sales marketing, to me, that is creepy… That could be one very big reason why people are choosing to block your ads, your very creepy and invasive ads.

The Forum Ad Blocking Crisis Encourages Your Competition
Consider this… My weather forum got fairly active fairly quickly and became the second largest forum in its niche (now the largest forum in its niche). I ran a survey asking members to participate in it and to tell me what they thought about some ideas I had about making the forum better for them and everyone else. To amuse myself, I asked about adding one banner ad on the footer as a way to make a little bit of money to help pay the website bills. The two answers to that question that got the most results was ‘no don’t add the ad’ and ‘my ad-blocker will block the ad in the end’. I wasn’t really going to add the banner to the footer, I just wanted to see the result of that survey question. I then checked out the result of another question I had, it was a paragraph result option where survey takers filled in their own words describing why they like my forum more than other forums with the same topic. Most answered because we don’t serve advertisements to them. The people of the internet has spoken. I’m not the only one recognizing the ADVANTAGES of the Forum Ad Blocking Crisis, either. You block ad blocker users and demand they turn off the blockers while I make a competing forum that doesn’t show a single advertisement at all – your audience is now my audience and you continue to live in the forum stone age while my forum continues to grow with success. Remember that boys and girls, while you are fighting off the majority blocking your ads, someone else might be using that WEAKNESS of yours to compete against you.

But the Forum Ad Blocking Crisis is Costing Me Money!!!!!!!!
I bet it is! But that only brings me to one question… Did you get into forum administration to earn money? You did? When did you create your forum? This year? Last year? A couple of years ago? Guess what! There are way too many forums online to consider it as an option to make it your full time job! Sure, a forum as a full time job is possible but ask any big board owner how possible it actually is. Ask them how much time, energy and yes, money they had to spend in order to start earning what they are earning today. Ask them how long it took as well. The answer might very well exhaust you in the end. If you got into message forum administration for the money, you got into it a decade or so too late or you have simply not innovated with the times. Advertising on a message forum is a dying cause and it will only get worse, the forum ad blocking crisis will only advance into something more challenging to combat.

So you are against making money with a forum then?
Not at all! But I am against doing it with ads but for many valuable reasons. For one thing, it is primitive…the very creation of the ad blocking proves this to us. People don’t want to see ads anymore and they are making that wish possible. And now more and more forum owners are catching on and competing against the anti-ad blocker forum owners in a way that is crippling the competition. Another HUGE reason I am against advertising is because it HARMS the forum, it really does. Think about this for a minute – what is an advertisement? An advertisement is a function that removes the attention of the member from your forum and brings them somewhere else. It doesn’t matter if the ad opens up in a different window or tab, they are still redirected to another website that usually isn’t yours. Forum advertising promotes forum inactivity, period. Instead of profiting from encouraged inactive forum members like you will with advertising, earn a profit from innovating ideas that keep members on the forum such as through awesome premium memberships, paid access to exclusive features and even simple donation drives to raise money for the costs of running the site. Look at Wikipedia, they do donation drives and search for anything on the internet, Wikipedia is usually one of the first, if the not the first, results.

As a final note, I don’t use ad blockers. I actually enjoy some types of advertisements. However, if I visit your forum and it is full of ads, I turn on one particular ad blocker that you will never be able to beat…it is called, I don’t ever visit your forum again in the future.

For those of you who have realized that forum advertising is medieval and a waste of effort, Good for you! For those of you that keep struggling with the forum ad blocking crisis, Good luck because you sure are going to need it as this thing progresses, LOL.

How does the Forum Ad Blocking Crisis Relate to YOU?
Have you acquired innovating thought and have realized that forum advertising is not for you or your forum? Or are you continuing to struggle with the forum ad blocking crisis and only finding it to get worse and worse as the time continues on? Please comment below with your thoughts, ideas, opinions and questions concerning the current forum ad blocking crisis that is occurring.