"My mods don't do anything!"
"My mods are too quick to ban people!"
"My mods are overruling each other!"

Three typical complaints you hear regularly from community owners the world over. But when you start digging into the reasons behind the action or lack of action from the staff, you find a common theme - lack of direction from the Administration or the Owner.

When you promote a member to a staff position on your forum, there are two things you need to ensure.

1. Your new staff member knows exactly what you're hiring them to do.


2. Your other staff members already all work from the same page.

What do I mean by this? It's fairly straightforward. When you hire someone, you usually do it with a reason in mind - you need help with keeping on top of spam/forum moderation/member communication, you're hiring for a specific position - Reviewer, Writer, Coding, Maintenance.

If you're not clear at the outset what position you're promoting the person into, then you will never be satisfied with the job they do. You need to be extremely clear with the person you're giving a staff position to on what you expect from them.

You also need to ensure that your entire staff team work together. Having them overrule each others' decisions in public is not good form, and can cause friction which can then flow over into the community itself.

Keep a list of the hierarchy of your staff. If you're not available, do your staff know who is the next person to contact if there is an issue? If not, why not? Are you staff okay to moderate each others assigned areas? Are they aware of the specific moderation methods you employ on your site?

If you can't give a definitive answer to any of those questions, then you are going to have problems (if you haven't already).

Make a sticky topic or an article covering everything you expect from your staff. Make a list detailing who is supposed to deal with what, how certain situations should be approached, who to contact if there is a situation which needs something more than the usual moderation.

Once your staff know exactly what you expect from them, you will find that you're less likely to spend more time dealing with staff issues than you are spending time enjoying your community.

Empower your staff!

Give them the knowledge they need to do the job you hired them for!