Now what's the first thing that may come into your mind when you think of the word, "[ame=]control freak[/ame]"? One that has a great desire for power, one who may have a great obsession for power, one who will greed over power? When you go into the comparison, control freak and power will relate together very well. In fact, not only the comparison but the likely, to be abused thoughts that come into mind of being in power may make you a control freak when it come's to a point.

If you are the admin, or even a staff member of any board you do have more power than members, correct? Yes, in most cases you will. This power gives you more authority over members, which is abused by many on any board you may find. In this article I will explain to you why power in certain areas is a privilege and should not be abused at any cost.

Why shall I come and explore this board? Why shall I join? What are the benefits that I have by joining this board? Will I be able to put into discussion something I enjoy? Some of these thoughts may come to your mind when viewing a board, and taking into examination, you may or may not consider joining.

A thought that comes into my mind, is very well thought of by others as well, I assure you. This very thought brings me to very much examination of a board; which would be the staff. The staff, the ones you have more authority over us, the one's that are there to help us, the one's that keep the board under control, following by many other aspects; in all the staff are here for us.

Do these staff do what they are required to, or encouraged to do? This all begins with the admin; is the admin putting into consideration the proper actions that should be taken as the owner of the board? Yes and no, it varies, it all depends on who the admin is. Is this admin responsible, does he or she treat everyone equally with respect? You, as the board owner will need to take very much consideration into you board, and foremost pleasing your members.

If you are going to open up your own board and plan on controlling it, it is strongly suggested as I would see it that you will need to be fair with everyone, be respectful, keep the board under control as intended, be responsible, be civilized, and the many more aspects that would please your members.

If you, as the admin, or even as a staff member abuse your power, that should only be intended for the good of the board, will likely be giving your board a bad reputation. In this case, many members that did depend on you will want to turn away from the obsession for power (being a control freak) that you have shown. You acting as a control freak can be expressed in many ways, which some examples can be found below.

  • Showing disrespect towards one another; showing disrespect towards others will very likely give you a bad reputation right off the bat, this shows that you clearly do not care about others and disrespecting them will make members feel discouraged by your disrespectful manner.
  • Not taking the suggestions/criticism in a fairly manner; if you wish to have a successful board you better be prepared for some hard core suggestions with much criticism involved, no matter what the suggestion or complaint is about, you will need to give your members the satisfaction they need by applying them with a mannerly civil response. Remember this is what makes your board better, even if it was taken harsh, realizing what you need and need not do, is where it all comes to the point of your decision and what makes your board better.
  • Using profanity and other obscene words that may be considered offensive; using profanity and other obscene words are not always necessarily bad, it just depends on how you use them I would say. Although there is many who do get offended by such words, thus for the staff most profanity/obscene words should be disregarded as stated, other may feel offended by such words and you surely do not want to offend your members as you want them to stay with you and make them feel comfortable at the same time.
  • Disrespecting your members as if they merely must obey any order (not including, but can be considered, rules) you lay down; foremost disrespecting anyone on your board is just that, disrespect. You should always respect one another on your board. If you are abusing your power and using it to 'control' your members you shouldn't consider yourself as a staff member, from your abuse, which widely includes verbal abuse.
The above statements are just a few examples of acting as a control freak, or leading to the act of a control freak. The above examples may not be as accurate when it comes down to the full definition of 'control freak', but it all starts leading down to the way you act.

If you are abusing your powers and acting as a control freak you may just be lowering the reputation of your board even more than you though, even with one incident. The fact that you are showing your members the disrespect, disloyal ness, unthoughtful, distrustful, and the very many words that can show you as being expressed as a control freak will lead you down into a hole, including your board.

Keep in mind, that you are here for your members, not to abuse them.