The chances are that you and your forum have competition and rival communities out there. You can easily gather intelligence on your rival communities and use it to your advantage to better your message forum. As the title says, do what other forum owners don’t! Look to see what your competition is not doing and make sure that your forum is doing it.

Follow the Niche
Research your niche thoroughly and master it! Examine the hot topics of your forum’s niche and figure out how to integrate them into your forum. Every hot topic out there can be turned into a feature on a message forum. You just need to use your brain, intelligence and research skills to figure out how to accomplish it. A new, fresh and unique feature could be trend starter as well and that will help your forum get its name out and leave its digital footprint in the World Wide Web.

Do the Same
You should also provide the same features on your forum that your competition provides. However, it shouldn’t be exactly the same because that is boring. Instead, you should enhance the features and provide something new and unique on them for your members. For example, if your competition has installed a link directory on their forum. You should install one as well but make it where new links are automatically tweeted on your forum’s Twitter account. Provide that enhanced feature that the other guy isn’t providing on their community and watch the members roll in.

Have a Plan
Planning is important for the success of your message forum. You should always have a long-term plan for your forum and its goals. Plan ahead for the future of the forum and plan about any new features you would like to add. Your competition also probably has a plan and if they do not have one, you will be one step ahead of them for having one for your forum.