Shareable content is the kind of content that makes Facebook users click “Share”! The idea behind this forum promotion method is to make two different things. 1 – You want to make sharable content! 2 – You want to post a topic related to the sharable content on your message forum. When you post the sharable content on Facebook, you also want to link to the post on your forum as well so both the sharable content and your forum post gets shared throughout the social media giant.

Create the Sharable Content!
When considering what could be sharable, in these times, it’s often not just text that you would normally type out in the form of a forum topic. Instead people are sharing images, videos and other such media because it turns them on in the social world. So you should focus on creating the type of sharable content that people are looking for. If I were to focus on 3 things to make, it would be infographs, videos and comic-type images. Infographs (like this one) are images created that explain something to the viewer. A video is something we know about but you would want to focus on a video that informs while also is very entertaining. Comic-type images could be anything related to your from niche from a MEME to a comic cartoon that you would likely see in a newspaper.

Create the Sharable Content’s Forum Topic!
Okay so now that you have your sharable content ready, you need to accompany it with a forum topic. Of course, you need to make the topic related to the theme of the sharable content you have geniusly came up with. So if we were to use the infographs I linked to above, then we would probably make a forum post about the most common violations on a message forum. Now when you make this post, you want to also make it worth sharing as well. You have already caught the attention of people on Facebook with the sharable content so now the post needs to keep them reeled in. So be funny! Be witty! Be entertaining! Heck, even be a drama queen about the topic. Keep the reader interested and they will likely be interested in other topics on your forum as well.

Post’em on Facebook!
Whether you post the sharable content and the forum topic link on your personal wall or the wall of a page or group, you need to integrate the two. Maybe post the sharable content first and then break for another line and post the forum topic links claiming that the topic is how you feel about the subject of the sharable content you have included in the status update. Then when people like what they see and click on share, your sharable content and your link gets shared on the walls of your fans. The whole idea on this tactic is to create a chain-reaction marketing strategy to get more people on social networks to your message forum.

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