Thanks to Compuart from for taking the time for this interview.

1.Can you give us a brief biography
I'm 25 years old. I study Industrial Engineering and Management at Twente University, the Netherlands. In my spare time, I develop web applications and manage a few web sites.

I started programming at a young age on a Casio databank. Even though I chose a study in the field of management, I gained a lot of experience in web development by reading about it and doing it.

2.How many hours a day do you spend on the internet

A lot. Must be at least eight hours, maybe more. As soon as I start, time always seems to fly.

3.What got you interested in Computers/Programming
I've always considered computers to be merely a means to achieving a purpose. But internet is much more. I think it's fascinating, addicting and useful. Though the internet is not the world, it sure has made the world a lot smaller.

As for programming, I enjoy trying to find optimal solutions to problems, when taking into consideration aspects such as user interface, speed, scalability, safety and such.

4.How did you become involved with Simple Machines
About six years ago, I needed a forum for my site. I chose YaBB 1 Gold, as it was (and still is in my humble opinion) the best Perl/flat file forum available. When my site grew bigger, I needed a database-driven forum. YaBB SE, a PHP/MySQL 'splinter edition' of YaBB 1 Gold, was the most logical choice. For YaBB SE, I submitted bug fixes and patches to improve performance and soon became developer.

Two years ago, we (the YaBB SE team) decided to make a fresh start with a new forum that was almost built from scratch. That allowed us to rethink its design and add extra preventive security measures. After more than a year of development and testing, the first public beta of Simple Machines Forum was released.

5.What are your future plans for Simple Machines

Simple Machines Forum has become a mature forum software package. SMF is made by a great team of dedicated, hard working support specialists, graphic artists, doc writers, managers and developers. The teamwork has contributed greatly to the quality of the SMF product and it's paying off in a rapidly growing group of enthusiastic users.

It was a challenge for us to create the forum software, it will be even more challenging to keep it competitive and professional. We want to keep involving all users, to create a product with great value accompanied by the best support a user can get. And of course, always remain a free forum.

As for future plans for the development of SMF: security, reliability and performance have always been important. Improving that even further is something we're working on daily. We will also keep improving the user interface. Simplifying it and, at the same time, make it more powerful.

For the near future, SMF 1.1 is our focus. It will offer an improved admin panel interface, a better and more customizable search function, thumbnail support, improved wireless device support, a revamped Personal Message centre, and many additional quality improvements and features.

6.What other websites/forums do you administrate.
I founded, a Dutch network of websites about reality TV series, and still administrate it. Each series has its own site, but the community is centralized. All sites are managed and maintained by fans. To facilitate the creation of content, I wrote a Content Management System for, that shares several components with the Simple Machines Forum, like members, permissions and themes.

7.What other sites do you visit on a daily visit.

For the latest internet news I check and for the world news I use the site (the news site of the public broadcast organisation in the Netherlands).

The only web log I frequently visit is the one from Zef Hemel, founder of the original YaBB project. He often has interesting articles about programming languages he encountered or technical developments.

I try not to visit too many sites on a daily basis, as it's quite time consuming...

8.What do you do offline for fun
I enjoy spending time with my friends and my girlfriend, both in real life and online.

I annually go to the French Alps for one of my favourite hobbies, skiing. I also like to ride my mountain bike, I'm getting a kick out of high speeds. I live close to Germany, so I often cross the border.

9.Anything Else you want to add?

Not that I can think of.