Adding Smilies Guide

You've download a set of smilies and your ready to start adding them. Firstly, upload your smilies to your folder via ftp /smilies (this may differ if you have a custom style and don't wish to overwrite the default). For the whole benefit of this guide, we will be adding a single smiley titled "banghead.gif".

Once you have them uploaded on your server, login to your Admincp >> Smilie Manager and select which category you want to associate them with or create a new catergory. For the benefit of this guide I'll upload along side the Generic Category. Though you can always create a new category and have custom themed sets associated to personalized categories.

You'll then be greeted by a window with existing smilies (usually they'll be the vbulletin stock) though we'll be adding along side them. Proceed in clicking the Add Smilie text link and you'll be transferred to another page where you'll fill out the information. (Screenshot Below)


Once you have filled out the information to parse/display your smilies (ensure you fill the correct path) and direct the link to your folder of custom smilies otherwise they won't show. Once your happy with that, click the Add Smilie button and your done.

If your using different formats (example: .png) then simply change the file extension when you fill out the Smiley Path Field. So, instead of banghead.gif change/title to banghead.png.

Your done

Obviously, if your new to adding smilies then adding single smilies is the appropriate starting point. You also have an option to add multiple smilies which is the quicker method but for beginners this guide is for you.

Note! This guide is for the vbulletin software.