Recently, I looked at my profile on The Admin Zone and realized that I have been a member of the forum for 10 years. That got me thinking about my experiences and knowledge gained on The Admin Zone. Being a member, an active member at that, on a forum for over 10 years is a big deal. A lot of things has happened to me in the past 10 years and I am sure a lot of things have happened to you in the past 10 years as well. But in the 10 years that I have been a member of The Admin Zone, I am now reflecting that I have gained mastery knowledge about forum creation, management, marketing and profit earning. So I wanted to write this article for The Admin Zone’s new article management system to celebrate 10 years of TAZ and why I look forward to the next 10 years…

The Admin Zone inspired me to Develop Admin Expertise!
If you know me, then you know I am very vocal about message forum administration. I’ve ran successful admin forums. I blog about admin topics and have a lot of readers. I post a lot of new topics on TAZ that get page after page of response. I am well-known to TAZ as someone to seek forum administrator advice from. I am bragging here, yes but with the intent to celebrate TAZ because if it wasn’t for TAZ – I would probably be none of the above. If I ever helped you in the past with forum management, if it wasn’t for TAZ, I probably never would have helped you. When I found TAZ, my forum was as far away from the admin forum niche as it could be. But realizing what TAZ was, inspired me to further enhance my knowledge about forum administration and start a lifelong journey of helping others with their online communities. So if you have helped you with your forum, don’t just thank me, thank TAZ!

The Admin Zone gave me Lifelong Friendship!
I’ve made some significant online friends thanks to TAZ. Some of these online friends, I trust enough to have a friends on my Facebook account and I primarily reserve that for only the people that a truly know. In 10 years, I have made a lot of great friends on TAZ, people I seek for advice and help with my problems. In fact, almost every day, I come back to TAZ to meet with my old friends and learn more about what they have been doing. Even some of you that I don’t always agree with, I enjoy seeing you again and again and seeing what you are up to in the forum world. Some of you even have a very special place in my heart. I look forward to making more great friends on TAZ and I am quite thankful of that.

The Admin Zone gave me a Reputation!
The forum really has helped with my online reputation as an expert in the forum administration niche. TAZ has made me an official staff member multiple amounts of times and each time, I left on good terms, due to work and other life events that would take up most of my time. After leaving the staff team on TAZ, I always came back to visit and interact. Other forums that I have left staff teams from were usually over some sort of conflict and I never returned again…not with TAZ. TAZ have allowed me to interact and post articles knowing that I was once a competitor of theirs yet they treated me with respect and kindness. When I finally finished what I wanted to do with my admin forum, TAZ took its content, merged it over and now it lives on ensuring me that all my hard work was for nothing. In fact, I feel like I had a significant impact on getting TAZ to 1 million posts but so did each and every one of you as well. I won’t take all the credit for that one!

TAZ is the only forum, besides my own, that I look forward to visiting.

TAZ just hit 1 million posts and like you, I am glad to have been a part of that accomplishment.

This article was created to celebrate The Admin Zone and to encourage us all to look forward to the future of this great online community!

Thank you for being there for us, TAZ! We love you! :)

Now it’s your turn to comment! Tell us your story about how you found TAZ and why you decided to become such an active member on this community! How has TAZ helped to make you a better forum owner?