We forum owners are always looking at new ways to gain more traffic to our forums right? There are many different methods online and offline for promoting a forum. While many of these methods work and bring in more traffic, there are also some methods that will do more harm than good. In this article, I will suggest 10 ideas to gain more traffic and warn about 10 methods you should avoid.

10 Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Forum

  1. Word of Mouth – Simply inviting your friends, family and people you meet online is often one of the best ways to get more traffic to a forum.
  2. Promotion Forums – Some disagree with them but they are filled with real people who will give you real user accounts with real posts.
  3. Admin Forums – Join them to post your forum in their forum link showcase and review boards. This can help send more traffic to your forum.
  4. Articles – Create articles on websites like eZine Articles, Hub Pages and Squidoo and link to your forum where it is relevant. The more articles you create, the more likely people will find you.
  5. Social Media – Get on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and the others. Make pages for your forum and promote the pages like you would your forum.
  6. Start a Blog – Create a blog related to the niche of your forum. Link to forum posts every now and then on the blog where it is relevant to the article you are writing.
  7. Business Cards – Go to a site like Vista Print and get 500 business cards created with your forum link of them. Leave a card at cafes, shopping centers, rest stops and so on. Great for local-based forums!
  8. Bumper Sticker – Have a bumper sticker made with your website link on it. Put in on your vehicle and other drivers may see it and visit the forum. This is great for local-based forums!
  9. Facebook Ads – I would say I “like” and click on more Facebook ads than any other type of ads online and it seems a lot of people do as well. I’d spend my money on Facebook ads before any other ad service when advertising my forum.
  10. Other Forums – Join other forums and add your forum link to your signature. The more quality content you post on other forums, the better chance people will see your signature link and take you more seriously.

10 Ways to Not Get More Traffic on Your Forum

  1. Spam – Don’t spam other websites, forums and communities. No one forgets a spammer!
  2. One Liner – Don’t join a forum with your signature link and only post short one liner posts – it makes you look like a spammer.
  3. Black Hat SEO – Don’t practice unethical search engine optimization tactics. It will get your penalized by most search engines including the big boy, Google.
  4. Lies – Don’t lie to get people to your forum! For example, don’t promise to give a person something if they join the forum and never give it to them.
  5. Bot Scripts – Don’t pay small amounts for 1,000+ back links. This is usually done with bot scripts like Xrumor and so on and it will get you penalized before anything good!
  6. Directory Submitters – Besides a few niche and forum directories, I would recommend staying away from directories altogether. An auto directory submission tool is just another way to be seen as a spammer by Google.
  7. Fake Users – Don’t create a lot of fake users just to make your forum look active. Eventually those who fake things get discovered and that isn’t the best reputation to have!
  8. Duplicate Articles – If you are going to write articles online, each article should be unique and only written once. Don’t write one article and repost it several times in hopes to drive traffic to your forum.
  9. Shady Services – Before you consider spending money on an SEO or advertising service, do some research beforehand! A service will put just about anything on their site to get your money! Don’t fall for services that are a waste of money.
  10. Waiting - Don't just wait for members by not trying to get traffic. Not doing anything will result in not gaining anything.

Thanks for reading my article on ways to gain traffic and ways to avoid gaining traffic. I hope you enjoyed it and I hope it helps. Please share it with other forum owners and feel free to leave a comment telling me what you thought of the article. Have a great day!