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Do you want to improve your forum? How about make your forum more efficient? Wondering what you could do to turn those lurking visitors into members?

We know your forum is important to you, and we're here to help!

Perhaps you should consider requesting a community review.


You can request a full review today as long as your forum has at least three of the following:
  • 50 members
  • 75 threads
  • 1,000 posts
  • been online for at least 90 days
  • a non-default skin and customized logo

    Note: You must have at least ten posts and have been registered at The Admin Zone for at least one week to request a review.

    Non-genuine content such as fake members, bots, news feeds or spam threads may be ignored. Qualifications are at the sole discretion of the Review Team Leaders.
  • What is covered by a full review:

  • Portal/Homepage
    • Is there enough information about your site?
    • Is it easy to navigate to the forums?
    • How about the contrast and colors?
  • Logo/Banner
    • Do you have a custom banner?
    • Does it match your forum's skin?
    • Is your banner professional?
  • Main Forum Page
    • Is everything easy to read?
    • Are the rules clear?
    • Too many forums? Too few?
  • Forums
    • Do most forums pertain to your forum's niche?
    • Is there an introductions board?
    • How about an off topic or chit chat board?
  • Community
    • Are your boards well-moderated?
    • Do you have enough staff members? Too many?
    • Do your members stay active and enjoy themselves on your forum?
  • Advertising
    • Does your forum have advertisements?
    • Are the advertisements large and overbearing?
    • Are they relevant to the theme of your forum?
  • & more!

  • Is your forum too new for a full review? We offer “quickies”, too!

    If your forum has been online for one month, has at least 25 active members, 25 threads, 250 posts and its own skin, it qualifies for a quick review!

    (25 active members | 25 threads | 250 posts | online one month | custom skin) meet any 3 qualifications

    Still don't qualify? Don't worry, you can get an unofficial review!

    If you do not qualify, do not fret: just submit a topic in this forum asking for an unofficial review, and any reviewer or non-reviewer may comment until you do meet requirements for official review, at which point you may start a new topic requesting official review or use private messaging to request from a reviewer.

    Request a review today!

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