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The ExchangeThe Exchange is the place to be when your forum needs that little activity boost!

Exchange posts/threads or links with other forum admins to help get your forum through that quiet spell!

To take part in The Exchange, you must make 10 quality posts in your choice of this month’s current forums taking part in the Launch Team.

We know your forum is important to you, and we're here to help!
Perhaps you should consider requesting a community review.

Join The Exchange

To join The Exchange, make sure you're a member of The Launch Team.

You can join The Launch Team by visiting UserCP > Group Memberships.

Once a member, have a read through the following thread - The Exchange

The Launch Team was created back in 2005 to give new forums a helping hand with gaining new members and content.

Today the Launch Team is still going strong and still helping many new forums each month.

To get your forum Launched, it must meet the following 5 requirements:

1. Your forum must be at least 2 months old

2. The forum admin must be active and have at least 100 posts.

3. The forum must have a custom logo. No default vbulletin/mybb/IPB etc logos will be accepted.

4. Your forum must be available during the launch with no scheduled downtime. Forums that remain unavailable for over 24 hours may be removed from the launch.

5. Access to members profiles/posts will be required during the launch to ensure quality control.

For further information on taking part in the Launch Team, Visit our detailed FAQ here!

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