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Are you the admin of a big board? Are you managing crowds of people, piles of posts and juggling revenue streams?

Do you wander the internet looking for a place to rub elbows with your peers for networking, idea swapping, input from others who have similar concerns as you?

Come join the Big Board Zone. You belong here.


You qualify to join the discussions in TAZ Big Board Zone if your forum:
  • Has 500,000+ posts OR
  • Has 350,000+ posts AND
  • Has been online for 3+ years.
  • Contains significant content in your niche
  • Demonstrates a commitment towards community growth.

  • Note: Admittance is at the discretion of the group leader and is not dependent on a listing on Big-Boards.com or any other outside prerequisite.

    How to Join

  • Make sure your TAZ registered email matches your big board's domain.
  • Click on User CP
  • Go to Group Memberships
  • Apply for Big Boards Member Group
  • You will be notified when your application has been approved or denied
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