About Us

Why are we here?

The Admin Zone is an online Community of Bulletin Board owners and administrators dedicated to the exchange of ideas and information relating to all aspects of managing Message Board Communities. Our goal is to become the leading resource for every Bulletin Board Administrator seeking the information and advice needed to plan, launch, and manage their online Communities.

We found many sites on the net dedicated to help webmasters create their sites. We found sites dedicated to help webhosting companies. In forum software communities, the members receive great support for their software while staff administration and forum growth issues are discussed in a few threads in the chatter forums. When we looked throughout the net, we found few resources, few sites dedicated to the forum administrator.

It was during frequent visits to the vBulletin Support Boards to obtain both the education and the inspiration which are so important in creating and maintaining successful Communities that we became acquainted and, recognizing the need for a place like this, eventually collaborated to create the Admin Zone.

Who are we?

Howard (The Sandman) (TAZ Owner/Admin) is a Board Certified Anesthesiologist in private practice. He lives in Central Florida with his wife of 13 years and their 4 cats. Howard is also Assistant Administrator for a rapidly growing Cadillac Enthusiast Community. The CadillacForums launched 12/30/02 and currently has over 9,000 members with over 1,000 new members joining each month.

"One of the major advantages (and disadvantages) of the internet is what I call the the "amplification factor" - a group of people with a particular interest but who would not ordinarily get together (whether due to differences in location, age, socioeconomic background, or whatever) are able to form a Community with an intense focus and a diversity which would be very difficult or impossible to duplicate outside of the virtual world.

"Online communities are becoming larger, more specialized, and more diverse in terms of attracting members who would not previously have been communicating online. They're also more sophisticated. It's getting much more competitive and harder to stand out from the crowd.

"Administering an online Community is deceptivley difficult and encompasses a wide range of interpersonal, financial, stylistic, and organizational skills in addition to software and hardware management. It's like being the Mayor of a city. It only makes sense that we make use of the same technology that powers our own Boards to share knowledge and experience among Administrators - an opportunity to learn from others and give back something as well."

Sinan (Logician) (TAZ Tech Admin) is a programmer and administrator of many vbulletin boards. He is MCSE (Microsoft Certified System Engineer), MCDBA (Microsoft Certified Database Administrator) and also has a background and education in law. Sinan has worked as a professional coder since 1989 having expertise in PHP and MYSQL programming. He is 33 years old and lives in Istanbul, Turkey with his wife.

"Online communities are one of the most important assets of the internet due to their very rich content. They gather experts in one place for a dedicated subject and in time members' contributions compile and build the richest library on this subject. Online Communities are richer in content than regular web pages because the information flows from hundreds, even thousands of members who focus on the very subject and their structure is very dynamic due to rapid update rate. No other information technologies can assure such a dynamic and large content for a specific subject.

"I have followed the concept of online communities since it appeared with BBS networks. They were the first online communities which paved the way for today's very large forums. The most important characteristics of change are their becoming more popular and larger in everyday.

"There are many online communities about every subject but surprisingly a community focusing the online communities was very rare to find. The Admin Zone fills this very important gap. Most online community admins had to learn everything the hard way: By experiencing it themselves. Now they have the resource to overcome the problems in their communities by learning from other fellow admin's experiences. This should be very valuable to all online community admins and especially the ones who start a new online community."


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