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Default Terms of Service for my RPG
Okay, I'm working on creating a new RPG Forum on MyBB software. And I've been working on making a TOS that will be displayed when members newly register. I though I'd post it here and see what others think about it, and if there's anything I might be missing.


Tribal Entropy Terms of Service

When you register on Tribal Entropy you agree to all rules set out in our Terms of Service (TOS) and the forum rules and guidelines. Anyone that fails to abide by the regulations will be subject to consequences. These regulations should be followed by all members and staff alike to create a pleasant, open minded and friendly community where everyone will feel comfortable posting and roleplaying.

Registration Age You must be 13 years or older to register on Tribal Entropy. We do not deal with Coppa, thus any users below 13 who do register will be removed immediately from the forums.

Forum Content This is a roleplaying forum, we roleplay with original created characters in a play-by-post environment posting in third person. Do not copy any content created by the forum owners or forum members. Bringing copied/ripped off content from other forums/sites that is not your own work is not allowed. Tribal Entropy cannot be held responsible for the content users post. And cannot be held responsible for users reading content that might not suit their values, ideas or age. Topics with mature content should be properly marked by the topic starter in the topic title or description. With mature content we mean content that might contain swearing, violence and mild sexual themes (we use fade to black with sexual scenes) not suitable for a younger audience.

General Forum Rules
Respect We expect all staff and members to respect each others interests, values, sex, race, religion, character and plot ideas. Respect is the key to a great and open-minded community.
Flaming Flaming are derogatory on comments directed at staff or members. These can be about, but not limited to personal interests, hobbies, values, sex, race, religion etc. When flaming you will be warned and asked to stop with such comments.
Spamming Spamming is off topic posting or posting that doesn't have anything to do with the topic's or forums subject. Spamming is also posting one worded or short messages in a short amount of time to flood the forums. Spamming will not be tolerated on these forums.

Pornographic material Posting and distribution of pornographic material of any kind is prohibited on the forums. As well as using images in graphics that aren't suitable for a younger audience.

Images All images posted on Tribal Entropy should be suitable for members of 13 years and older. Images should not contain nudity, profanity or anything else that could breach our other rules. Images should not be uploaded to Tribal Entropy's servers, but should be uploaded via image hosts such as photobucket or tinypic. This is to prevent a larger bandwidth usage then is necessary.

Privacy Tribal Entropy cannot be held responsible for giving out any personal information on this website that can be used by third parties. The information you give into your profile upon registration such as your e-mail and password that are mandatory is private information, and will never be given to third parties. Please do not post personal information on the forums such as phone number, postal address, zip code, last name, e-mail address or any other personal information you do not wish others to know. IP address of members are automatically logged by the forum software when you log in and post and are only viewable by staff members, IP addresses will not be given out publicly or to third parties. And will only be used to ban members that have broken the rules.

Staff The staff have the authority to do whatever they deem necessary to enforce the rules or warn/punish members when breaking these rules.

Drama Drama on this forum is not allowed. Bringing drama to the forums outside the in character forums will result in a warning, if not stopped a ban. With drama we mean things like bringing negative attention to yourself, whine about your personal life, or that no one wants to roleplay with you. This is not limited to these things mentioned.

PM System The personal message system is a privilege to all members. With the pm system members can send personal messages to each other without the rest of the community able to view them. The PM system is not for abusing or advertising. When receiving such Private messages please contact a staff member. Abuse of the pm system will result in these privileges taken away.

Donations This forum is hosted, and not run on a free service. ShinLi is paying to keep this site up every month. Any donations given to Tribal Entropy will be used by ShinLi to only pay for the monthly hosting.
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