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Originally Posted by Sharpie View Post
I believe that to be a good idea, so long as the competition is something that people can be interested in. So, if it was, get the most reputation on a site all about graphics, and the person is an artist then they would be interested in the competition. On the other hand, a financial advisor would not be so interested :P. So my recommendation would be to have the competition based on something general, to try to interest many different types of people.
Thanks for the response, though it doesn't really have anything to do with the question I asked, lol.

These contests will be targetted at a specific group of people due to my forum being made for a specific group of people.

But who to aim the contest at isn't what I'm seeking opinions on, I'm seek peoples thoughts on what they think is a good prize to time limit ratio that would get somone interested in a contests.


The person with the most posts in the next year wins $5! (this is too little)

Top poster of the week wins $2500! (this is too much)...

Where do most people think the middile ground is that would give you the most bang for your buck?
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