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» How to win the visitors confidence?
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Author : Choice83
Submit Date : 10-06-2011 - 02:46 AM
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Are You sure that Your visitors are satisfied with the web site You created? Will they ever look at Your site or forum again?

Since trust is a basic item of any relationship in the real world people can relate to that element on the web to. The key word for any business relationship, friendship, or even love relationship - is trust. This trust can eventually turn into a true relationship between humans and that is what are we looking for, when we are releasing our web spot (web site, forum, blog, etc.) into public.

The question that everyone should ask themselves is "What will win the confidence of visitors and make them know more about the services, information, products on the site and what is most important from all this - what will lead them to return to the site Iíve made?"

Therefore, an experienced web designer has to respond to the question "What does trust look like?"

Provide users with visual signs

Users are more than right; They can not be wrong. Understanding their expectations and their behavior is one of the basic elements in designing effective web sites. When it comes to the site, what users most interested are, is the following:
  • Will they easily find informationís they're looking for?
  • Is there a help on the site if they encounter any difficulty using it?

Your website must clearly reflect what You do

These two items are related to visual communication on the site (what the site offers) and what benefits the user will have if he/she continues to visit this web site frequently. Today websites have a very short time to provide the following understanding "You are here because of this, and here's what to do next." This reasoning is unnecessary because, unlike TV and print advertising, customers decide within the next ten seconds what to do. Many times, users get confused, because the purpose of the site is not clearly shown, even if the site is the property of a well-known company.

What you need to do is this - look at the site now that you have made and without scrolling to ask "Is the purpose of this site completely, perfectly clear? Do I obviously present the mission, the goals, and information in the first 5 seconds?" Did I clearly express the purpose of my site? This message should be escorted with a warm welcome on the front page.

Do not assume that users know what they are doing

This is the most common mistake by well-known brands. They are assuming that users know all about them and with this philosophy they are making a big mistake, and often refuse visitors.

Clearly show your customer support policy

What most users are looking for from the site and its owner is that if they encounter a problem, it will be resolved in the short term in favor of the visitors of course. You will need a section for customer support, because customers want to have that option to communicate with the owners of the site, and find a way to solve their problems. Use this information to solve the structure of the site, navigation, and finally - design. It all boils down to this: the customer wants to know the owner will quickly resolve any problems.

Obtaining confidence through interaction

Because online relationships are based on a graphical user interface (GUI) digital brands have evolved and loyalty is created on the basis of trust created with a GUI. The factor of trust is irrevocable and must occupy a very important item in the creative process.

Effective design solution that has good effects includes solutions for the following:
  • Users are looking to fulfill their needs through well-defined objectives
  • Company or site visitors want to understand the usefulness of the services or products offered on the site
  • The users are satisfied when they can easily access or find information
  • The site visitors want to have autonomy through the operations of the site they visit

If both parties are satisfied and their expectations are fulfilled, satisfaction and trust in common is created. The conclusion that you can drag yourself out of this are the principles that will carry You through designing your next web site and create the foundation of trust between you and your customers, visitors and/or members.
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